A Guide On the Mathematics of Sports Betting

Mathematically Proven Way to Make Money from Betting

If you never paid attention in math class when you were in school, it is time to. Sports betting and mathematics are so closely related that mathematical betting strategies constitute some of the best in sports betting. Except if you want to bet carelessly, mathematical knowledge must come in at one point. You must know how to calculate when planning a budget, setting a limit, or calculating odds.

Understanding the mathematics of sports prediction is what differentiates professionals from beginners. It is also what differentiates between a careful and a careless bettor. Now, mathematics here doesn’t mean you must understand complex formulas or how they work. Instead, it means you should know how to project, based on available data, the outcome of a game.

Following mathematical betting systems and strategies is the smartest thing a bettor in India can do to generate guaranteed profit. Sports betting can yield much profit in India; follow the mathematically proven ways for betting profitably listed in this article.

Matched Betting

Matched betting is one of the crowd’s favorites; it is a technique that provides a guaranteed way of making good profits. Matched bettors have created a system to exploit bonuses and offers, converting them into real money they can withdraw. Matched betting is based on mathematics, where you wage money that lets you complete the rollover requirements without losing any money.

Imagine you understand how this works, and you can wield it in your favor, especially when playing on platforms that offer various bonuses. You will not only save money, but you will also manage your game plan and have more money coming from it than going into it.

Trading and Scalping

Trading and Scalping are mathematically proven strategies for generating profits in sports betting; thousands of Indian bettors are successfully using them. It is a very sustainable strategy that lets you make money from betting steadily and consistently. However, considering that many bookmakers don’t like winning players, you want to choose a gaming site that won’t ban you from winning too much.

Professional bettors are not making a lot of money today by mistake; they are doing so because they have been consistent in what they do. One proven mathematical strategy to win is to remain consistent with a method because that is the only way you can determine whether it works.

Arbitrage Sports Betting

Arbitrage betting is a low-risk mathematically-proven gaming strategy based on mathematics and wrong odds. It stands from finding overpriced outcomes at bookmakers, wagering on them, and covering other outcomes on other sites’ normal odds. Arbitrage betting doesn’t involve predictions to help you make a profit alone, it also gives you an idea of maximizing Parimatch minimum withdrawal.

Value Sports Betting

You must have heard about value betting at one point in your gaming career; it is one of the most profitable strategies. The idea of value betting is that you find outcomes and matches on bookmakers making mistakes. Then, to beat the bookmakers, you place bets on odds where the real likelihood of an outcome is less than the odds.

Many bettors in India already follow this simple rule and bring in massive profits through betting. It is a mathematically proven strategy that beginners can employ to get a foot in the market and leverage the mistakes even before they are noticed.

Martingale Staking

Martingale staking strategies are also mathematically proven to rein in profits to bettors who can wield their powers. This strategy increases the stakes every time you lose a bet based on your prior bets. However, this strategy comes with many risks; if you lose in this strategy, you could lose your entire bankroll.

Statistics Database

This idea is to find a reliable and trustworthy gaming site with precise statistics to help you make better decisions. If you use this strategy well, you can beat bookmakers in the long run. This system can back-test your gaming strategy and is based on tens of thousands of odds and matches. Even the most professional bettor needs to make his strategies bulletproof, although these statistics give them an edge over bookies.

Kelly Criterion

Kelly Criterion is a staking system and one of the most secure, most profitable mathematically-based staking strategies. The idea behind this is that you use stakes based on the actual balance in your bankroll. So, for example, using three to four percent of your balance every time will proportionally grow your stakes if you start winning. This strategy is considered one of the safest and most effective math-based strategies for staking.


Sports betting is typically based on statistical and mathematical calculations, with every outcome having a real chance of probability. So whether you’re good at math, learning how to bet smartly and calculate your profits is easy.

Besides, not every person good at math is or can be good at sports betting, but it is an added advantage if you are. As far as math in sports prediction goes, a bettor is smart if he can find significantly higher odds than those offered by bookmakers.

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