Beagles: Best Family and Social Dogs.

We can trace their origin from the United Kingdom. This beagle dog breed which is currently kept as a pet at our homes was developed in the 19th century. They belong to the group of hound dogs and have descended from the family of foxes.  

Traditionally, the hunters in France were keeping beagles as a source of hunting rabbits. Along with rabbits they were also used in hunting other animals like wild pigs, boars, and jackals. 

Nowadays, beagles are mostly kept as a pet in many Indian houses and they are also very good and affectionate with small kids and the owner can rely on them for the safety of their kids. 

They are the most social dogs and can easily mingle with other family members and small kids. Even they are easy in socializing with other breed dogs. Beagles can not be kept alone as they can destroy few household items by bitting them or digging them and can create clutter and mess all around. They intend to seek the attention of the owner and their family members Living them alone is not advisable as they can even crossroads and streets and that might cause a serious accident or injury. 

Beagles can not be classified as guard dogs.


They are energetic, agile, free and bold, smart and passionate. 

If the owner is passionate about sports, outings, and picnic than beagles can be their best choice as they are also very energetic and has a playful nature.

Because of their intense sensing systems, they are also used in drug trackings and bomb smellers 


Checking of ear infection weekly

Bath fro 2 to 3 times in a month

Brushing and hair trimming, twice or thrice a week. Remember to trim and clean their nails whenever needed and brush the teeth quite often to avoid causing germs and bad breath. 

Health and wellness:

They should be taken for veterinarian checkups between the period of 5 to 12 months. A proper vaccination schedule should be followed on a timely basis. 

Mostly diseases like the following are sene in beagles:

  •  Deafness
  • Cataract
  • Pulmonary stenosis etc.

If the owner faces any depression or anxiety attacks, beagles can help to transform their lives and can make their life more pleasant and joyful. The more naughty like a small kid and it can even be placed safely with kids. 

The lifespan of beagle dogs: 10 to 15 years


They have a short coat  

Requires less grooming and trimming

Needs bathing once in 2 weeks 

We can find them in 3 different colours which are:

  1. Orange and white
  2. Brown and white
  3. Tan and white

Weight: 11 to 20kgs

height: 14 to 17 inches 

Muscular body and has long droopy ears. They have a round-shaped skull and have a sleek, somewhat curved with a medium-length, square-cut nose, and a black candy nose. 

The jaw is strong and also the teeth cut together with the higher

teeth fitting completely over the lower teeth and each sets aligned to the jaw.

The eyes area unit massive, hazel or brown, with a light hound-like begging look, the big ears area unit long, soft and low-set, turning in the direction of the cheeks slightly and curved at the guidelines. 

Beagles have an influential, medium-length with very little portable within the skin however some proof of a dewlap; a broad chest narrowing to a pointed abdomen and waist and an extended, slightly sinusoidal tail tipped with white.

The white tip, denoted as the flag, was bred for my collection because the tail remains simply seen once the dog’s head is down behind a scent.

The tail doesn’t curl over the rear, though is controlling erect once the dog is active. The hound includes a muscular body and a medium-length, even, tough coat. The front legs area unit straight and carried under the body while the rear legs area unit well-built and well bent at the chokes.

Beagles are adaptable and are more suitable to stay in any weather. If the amount of humidity is more in the air then it is advisable to keep them safe in their shelter only. 

Food and nutrition:

Boiled eggs, vegetables, and meat can be given in their diet. The proportion of the food varies according to size, age, preference, and likings of the dog. By eating more food, beagles can become obese and overweight and can affect their health in the long term. Feed them twice a day.

Training : 

This breed is the most intelligent and needs very little time to train. If the owner is busy in their working life the breath his dog can learn to train alone as from their early stage they are more affectionate and sociable with other dog breeds. During their young age, teach them to control their anger and aggression 

This dog needs an excessive amount of physical exercises like walking or running in the parks or lanes. On average Beagle requires 40 to 50 minutes of physical exercises. They should be taken for a walk twice a day to utilize their full energy. While taking them to parks allow them to sit and relax with other breed dogs and let them socialize more often 

Body balancing commands can be easily taught to them because they have a muscular body and good physical strength they can easily obey the standing and sitting commands. 

They take a good interest in eating and getting treats. You can offer them treats when they obey the commands of the training. After leash training, they are very easy to train and obediently follow all commands. Sniffing is their main activity which allows them to concentrate their mind and body to work together. While taking for a walk let them sniff around to maintain their prior function of functioning. 

Can they stay in small apartments?

Yes, beagles can easily accommodate themselves if you have a small house or apartment.

Beagle price in India: 

The price ranges from 14k to 24k (approximately)

Their average maintenance cost per month is Rs 3.5k to 4k and it may differ according to their size and age. 

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