All you need to know about German Shepherd Dog food, training, age, aggression, adoption

People’ usually consider German shepherd dogs as one of the best ones and they are seen in police and military forcesThey are used in many search operations because of their good sensing abilities.

Max Von Stephanitz found this breed is the for the first time. It is the 2nd most registered breed of the USA and it is the most popular dog breed there. 

So you must be wondering that why German Shepherd became more famous in the USA?

During world war 2, Britishers and Germans both the countries were fighting with each other and during the war, Germans were using the German shepherd breed to fight with the Britishers. They trained this breed well and hence, these dogs had good fighting capabilities with the Britishers. Seeing their skills, the Britishers also decided to keep these dogs as a part of their armies for the wars. Since then, German shepherds got more famous in the USA as well.

German Shepherd’s bite pressure is so intense, that it could even break the bones of any human or an animal if the dog becomes aggressive. Their bite pressure can range up to 250 Pounds per square inch.

There are only a few dog breeds on whose name we can add the prefix Dog before their name. So, German Shepherd is one such dog breed. 

Why prefix Dog is added before this breed?

So, the answer is, to differentiate this dog breed from the human shepherd, who has livestock and cattle.

German Shepherd price in India: 10k to 15k (INR) for a puppy dog.

People adopting this breed dog German Shepherd should be very careful and attentive and they are not considered as friendly and easy-going like other dog breeds. Labrador, Golden retrievers are friendly and can easily mix in family and with other dogs but German shepherd dogs are potential guard dogs and are specially used for that purpose only. 


German Shepherd

They usually come in black and tan colors but on a very rare basis, we can even see German shepherds in white and pearl color. They look the prettiest in white color.

German Shepherds have a wide-shaped head with pointed ears towards the sky with a long and furry tail. 

Their coat is usually dense and hairy.


Clever, Intelligent, aware, Reliable, and all-rounder kind of dog breed.

Needs lots of exercise and long walks to maintain their energy level. Practicing any kind of exercise can help in maintaining their agility and sturdiness. Daily brushing is important as they shed hair frequently.

So if you are seeking a guard dog or watchdog to look over your family, you can go for this dog breed. 

So are German Shepherds, family, and children friendly?

German shepherds are specially adopted for guarding families and children and to protect them from strangers. But, many families are unable to manage the aggressiveness of this breed and later on get tired of them. So before buying or bringing a German shepherd to tour the house, one should be responsible and sensible enough to handle them. Keeping them just for the sake of the hobby is not correct as everything comes with consequences. 

German Shepherds for first time owners:

Try to socialize them from their puppyhood. If not well trained from that age then they can become more aggressive when they grow older. This breed is a “One Man Dog Breed” and will always stay with the owner when the owner is in any danger or if the dog feels any danger coming over. 

Before buying or adopting a German Shepherd dog, the owner should think about their food, vaccination, and medications, exercise, the proper amount of time. If the owner thinks that, he can not devote proper time to his German Shepherd Dog then he should think twice before adopting the dog. 

German Shepherd’s diet and nutrition:

This dog breed is not vegetarian but it requires Non-vegetarian food as well. 

Ragi is the best food for this dog and very nutritious and light to digest easily.

Plain-cooked rice helps in the growth of their body.

Oats mixed with dry fruits and water

Boiled eggs with cooked rice

Boiled chicken


Avoid offering them:

  • Raw meat
  • Sweet corn
  • Soya beans, Black Grams(Chana), Kidney beans (Rajma)
  • Milk tea can cause skin infection and irritation

Feed German shepherd for 1-3 months only on Cerelac with medication of vitamins. Give them Cerelac for 3 to 4 times a day mixed with water.

3-4 months: packaged dog food containing, omega 3, zinc, etc. Maintain their hydration and water level.

Benefits of German Shepherd:

  1. Best “Guard Dog” for protection of Family, Farms, etc.
  2. Any stranger trying to enter the house would be scared at an instance from these dogs as they have aggressive and muscular look,. These dogs are friendly with other dogs and family members but, train them to show their aggressiveness on which type of people and where? 
  3. If given a proper healthy and nutritious diet then there are fewer chances of them getting sick and fewer monthly medical expenses. 
  4. They are the most Energetic dog breed. Maybe the owner could get tired of running and exercising, but the dog will not be tired and can be energetic all time. 
  5. Familiar with small kids and babies.
  6. If you want their coat to shine use good quality shampoo for their grooming and bathing, and less hair falls from their coat.
  7. Can easily accommodate in 2-3bhk house. But a small house of 1bhk is not advisable for them. 
  8. Is an all-rounder dog breed.
  9. The owner can even offer them home-cooked food, and offer them meat once or twice in the week.

Problems of German Shepherd:

  1. If not given nutritious food, medications then a problem can arise related to their health, They can be skinnier day by day. So, try feeding them an appropriate quantity of food. 
  2. Excessive hair falls during changes in the season like winter to summer and summer to winter and vice versa. 
  3. Common health-related issues regarding eyes. So, a monthly check-up is advisable.
  4. Can not accommodate in a small house. Medium to large size house is advisable once they grow from puppyhood to adulthood. House with a backyard is more preferable for them.
  5. Isolation problems: you can not be leave them alone in the house and a family member would always have to accompany them or else they might develop anxiety issues.

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