Boxer dog breed

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Boxer Dog Breed

Ancient period:

In the late 19th century, Boxer dogs were developed in Germany, Europe. They have been originated from a mixed breed of 2 dogs which were, Bulldogs and Bullen Visor. Boxers were developed in the United States during the 28th century.

They were also used in military wars, 1st world wars, and in 2nd world war as well and eventually they became the most liked and favoured dogs as soldiers around globally. They were also allowed to show their strength, energy, and aggression in dog fights. During world war 2 boxer dogs had helped german soldiers in sniffing the soldiers and any such dangers ahead. After this incident, even US soldiers started keeping boxer dogs in their war teams and start using them in wars between countries internally. Services like sending messages to other countries and helping them with medicines during a medical emergency. Boxer became the most popular and known after World war 2. The main reason behind using them in wars was, they can easily run on land and can even swim in the water if given training with proper resources and types of equipment. 

In INDIA these dogs rank as the 7th most favoured and liked dogs among other dogs.

To your amazement, As we humans do, these dogs tend to snore while sleeping at night or when they are resting.

Life Span of Boxer dogs: 9 to 12 years of age

Boxer dogs were the first to be considered as a police dog and a guide dog

Boxer name was given to them based on the following characteristics:

While greeting others or while playing, they usually stand on their 2 hind legs, and the box(fight) with their front 2 paws like usually we humans fight with 2 hands in a boxing position. Nevertheless, there has not been found any strong evidence behind naming this breed as Boxers. 


  • Kind, tender, and can easily mix up with other family members.
  • Are socially well active and are safer with kids and elderly people.
  • Spontaneous guards of the houses from the strangers.
  • They take a couple of years to enter into the adult stage of their life, mostly they are under their puppyhood period. 
  • Faithful towards their owner.
  • Powerful, strong, and Muscular

They are not scared of any strangers, but can easily protect themselves and their family members. Any other animal entering into their territory is to be protected as they are more suspicious towards them and can fight with them. 


Their average height is around 20 to 25 inches

And their average weight is around: 31 to 36kgs

Compared to other breed dogs, their tongue is the longest. The length of their tongue can increases up to 17 inches. White-coloured boxer dogs are usually deaf. Their chest is wide and deep and they usually stand straight up towards the air. The feet are closely packed and are a little curved. They have a square-shaped jaw and because of this feature their teeth and canines are in a straight shape

Boxer comes in 3 different colours which are: Tan, Brindle, and white


While training the dog to be hard,

If they are socialized with other animals and dogs from their puppyhood, they can easily mix up with other stranger’s dogs. Talking about their accommodation and space they can easily stay in a small house, apartment, or any village as well, which depends on their training from their puppyhood.

Boxers square measure improbably sensible, however, they don’t continually take coaching seriously. For best results, be firm, honest, and in step with your Boxer. acceptable rewards and consequences can teach him that treats happen once he will what you would like which he’s ne’er rewarded for disobeying. Boxers square measure sensible at recognizing loopholes within the rules and that they can push to check what they’ll flee with. and begin early! Your very little eight-week-old boxers are a lot easier and a lot of fun to show than his larger, a lot of stubborn eight-month-old self. Use treats, toys, and praise to lure and encourage him.

Regular exercise is needed and walk-in streets or parks are mandatory to maintain their energy level. Before adopting this dog breed, one should remember that they are not best suitable in colder and hotter air regions as their upper cost is very thin and soft and doesn’t protect their body much from the excessive heat and cold atmosphere. Moderate and humid temperature is more preferable for them to survive.

As they are more notorious and always in a mood to play around sometimes, they might not hear and obey your instructions while imparting training to them.

Safety and Security:

They are proved as one of the best watchdogs and guard the house and family against strangers and intruders very bravely and efficiently. 


Brushing their coat is quite easy as they have a very thin layer of hair coat on them and their cleanliness and hygiene can be easily maintained because of this reason. If they are provided with a good and nutritious diet then their cost will be shiny and smooth and they are to be bathed once a week. Cleaning their ears is preferable and avoid using cotton swabs to clean their ears, it may damage their eardrums.

Boxer Dog Food and Nutrition:

2 meals are preferred during the day which usually includes dry-dog food. Have a check on their weight and diet to see that they are not suffering from obesity and make them do a proper workout if needed. When the dog is if 1 to 3 months old then cerelac and other canned nutritious food is to be provided to maintain their energy at the initial level.

Offer them water in a bowl after every 1-2 hours of interval. 

Avoid offer g them home-cooked food during their puppyhood as their digestive system is a little weak which can even result in loose motions or diarrhoea. To maintain their digestive system, one can offer them curd or buttermilk. 

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