Check Out the Most Exciting Cricket News of Recent Times

Check Out the Most Exciting Cricket News of Recent Times

Cricket will not be an interesting game in India. Since our childhoods, we see small kids, which often included us gathering in the colony playground or even on the streets to play this sport even though we had close to no knowledge about it. All we knew was that someone would throw the ball, and we had to hit it and take runs. Gone are those days! 

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Every time there is a match, people leave everything, reschedule their work and gather around the Television with either friends or family with food and drinks and watch the match together, cheer together and spend a gala time together. We honestly cannot think of a better way to bond with one another. So yes, cricket is more than just a sport. It is an emotion deeply embedded in people’s hearts. 

There are so many highly skilled and extraordinary cricketers in the world, and each one of them has had its ups and downs. Their specialty and their style. We know of so many who are considered the epitome and embodiment of proficient cricket players. It is now time for some latest sports news of cricket!  

Exciting Cricket News You Cannot Miss Out On

There is always something or the other happening in the field of cricket, and since people are so invested and fond of this sport, it is our job to keep them updated on the sports news of cricket. So here are some of the most trending sports news of cricket for you to read! 

  • Mandeep Singh Has Something to Say About Virat’s Intense Training

The 30-year-old Indian Cricketer Mandeep Singh recalls the old days when he used to be a part of the Royal Challengers Bangalore [RCB] team. He is currently playing with Delhi Capitals, and he said that he was spellbound to see what intense training the legendary cricket player Virat Kohli does. 

He also added that Virat Kohli and his fitness and determination helped him a lot to up his game. Mandeep Singh was considered one of the rising stars in the history of cricket, but he could not live up to the high expectations. Singh also spoke about the captain of the Delhi Capitals, namely Ricky Ponting. 

He said that both Ricky and Rishabh Pant are the people who have made this team so professional and organized. He also went on to add that Ponting is extremely strict about discipline and motivation. Ponting also treats everyone equally and with respect. He also went on to share his experience with meeting the one and only Mahendra Singh Dhoni, whom he mentioned as Mahi Bhai and said that being on the ground was a feeling that would be unmatched. 

  • The Former Head Coach Speaks About India’s Batting Approach

Ravi Shastri, the 60-year-old Cricket Coach, was the former coach of the Indian Cricket team, and the last time he served his position as the coach of the Indian Cricket Team was in last year’s T20 World Cup. India, unfortunately, could not win that match. However, Shastri recently said that India should follow the same approach that they have been following lately. 

He said that the approach they are following is a good one, and using this tactic in both small and big games will be good. He also spoke about the return of the 28-year-old Indian Cricketer Hardik Pandeya, who is also considered to be an all-rounder. Shastri said that Pandeya was missed in the last world cup, but now that he is here, it is going to be a great addition because his skills and tactics are unmatched. 

  • The Pakistan Cricket Team’s Touchdown in Dubai

The Pakistan Cricket team has finally arrived in Dubai for the Asia Cup, which is scheduled to begin on August 27th. Their first match is scheduled for August 28th. The team led by Babar Azam was seen at the Dubai Airport. Although one of their teammates, Shaheen Afridi, was not seen at the airport since he will not be a part of this game due to a severe injury and he is currently in his recovery stage. 

The Pakistan Cricket Board [PCB] also took to their cricket handle and updated the fans and the world about the Pakistan Cricket Team’s touchdown in Dubai. Reportedly many other cricket players like Usman Qadir and Haider Ali have also come to Dubai to attend the Asia Cup and support the Pakistani Cricket Team. Although these matches might be a huge test for the Pakistan Cricket Team because of the absence of Shaheen Afridi, they are all set to give it their best. 

Wrapping Up

With this, we conclude today’s trending latest sports news of cricket! Cricket is a sport that somehow activates love and devotion for a country, especially India. There is nothing more heavenly than to see the cricket teams of our respective countries go out there and give their best on the field, trying to represent the country you come from. It is always a sight to behold. 

However, this sport also can bring people of different religions and ethnicities closer worldwide. This sport heavily dictates the moods of people. People can gather around with food, friends, and family, but if their preferred team loses a match, sadness spreads across the room, and the event or gathering won’t be as lively anymore. How often can a sport do that? 

Although Hockey is the national game of India, cricket has been the most followed and appreciated game here in India. 

Cricket is more than a sport. It is a religion that is impossible to separate yourselves from no matter how much you try. 

So, all the important highlights mentioned above are some of the top pieces of news cricket news of various cricket matches that have taken place recently. All these sought-after and informative pieces would have provided you with a wide range of essential information you need to stay updated. 

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