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Full Guide Process Of Dogs Adoption

Adoption: when the person has no issue regarding the breed of the dog and its nature in specific and is okay with adopting a street dog or abandoned dog then he can adopt a dog. By adopting an animal from a shelter home you are saving up a life. Here we are with the Full Guide Process Of Dogs Adoption.

dog adoption

Types of the dog at adoption shelter:

  1. Street dogs: those dogs who have been injured or are ill or have come across any accident. Many street dogs are brought to shelter homes through volunteers or animal shelters, where they are taken care of regarding their injury or ill health. Once the dogs are healthy and are in the better condition they are kept for adoption purposes. 
  2. Tamed dogs: Such dogs are abandoned by their owners. In this category of dogs, you will find purebred dogs such as labrador, pugs, German Shepherd, etc. 

Process of pet Adoption:

There are few things that you need to keep in mind while adopting a dog which as follows:

  1. How much time you can give to your dog, as they need evening walks and you will have to spend a lot of energy while doing that exercise, so keep in mind, that whether you will be able to give them the required time or not.  
  2. People having any physical limitations are also advised to keep the point in mind as they will have to take their dogs for evening walks and exercises. 
  3. There should be enough space in your house for dig shelter.
  4. Financial Stability of the person adopting the pet, as there will be maintenance costs of dogs like their food, caretaking, various daily accessories, etc.

So, these are the major suggestions which we need to keep in mind while petting adoption and see to it, which breed fits accordingly.

Step 1:

A person adopting a pet should clarify their needs, characteristics of the dog, wants. Needs like:

  1. Whether they need a pet for playing purpose or for watchkeeping purpose
  2. Their weight and height
  3. Their age according to the breed 
  4. Whether that dog will be easily tamed by human or not
  5. Aggressive nature of calm nature of the dog
  6. Compatibility with other dogs etc. 
  7. Male or female dog

Step 2:

Few things to keep in mind while visiting the shelter home:

  1. Look for more options of dog breeds as per your required characteristics 
  2. Visit the shelter home at different intervals of time to check regarding the nature of the specific breed of the dog, in which you are interested.
  3. Take your family along with you for adopting a pet that can be easily adjusting into your family and see to it that the dog has a good mental frame of mind. 
  4. Ask questions to the staff regarding the breed and its nature. 
  5. Whether the dog will easily adjust to staying in your home or not?

Questions to ask at the pet adoption shelter

  1. What is the age of the dog?
  2. What food they usually eat when kept in a shelter?
  3. Regarding their barking habits.
  4. What kind of exercise does that dog need?
  5. What precautions to take if a dog bites a kid or an adult?
  6. Any medical issues or any accidents which may have occurred before coming to the shelter homes.
  7. From where they got the dog? 

From where to adopt a dog?

  1. Rescue: It’s a kind of a voluntary organization, where volunteers take care of street dogs as foster Parents.  
  2. Shelter/ Animal care: It’s a place where all abandoned street dogs. Such shelter homes are government-funded so they get their, funding from the government 
  3. Social Media and Internet: A user can check on various online websites and social media pages of animal shelters, regarding the adoption of dogs. Sometimes, the dog breed which is posted on social media may be allergic in nature or ill-health conditions. So take a note while adopting from the internet.

Never get a dog from a place where you can not get information regarding the breed of the dog, any pet shop, or mill.

How to pick up the best pet?

While visiting the shelter home, try sitting towards the side of the cage and allow the dogs the dog to smell you and by that, they could easily gain confidence.

If there are 2-3 dogs in a kennel and the one who always sits near the entrance of the kennel and tries communicating with the visitors is considered as a leader and the one behind that leader is a follower of that dog. If the buyer has experience with pet dog then

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