Indian Myna Bird Information | Fact About Myna Bird.

Myna Bird India

The scientific name of common myna is Acridotheres Tristis and also sometimes known as “Indian Myna” and is a member of the family Sturnidae. Their native home is tropical south Asia 

Common Myna birds can reach up to, 9.1 inches in length and can weigh up to 3.8 to 7.9 ounces.

Myna Birds are very intelligent and opportunists, adaptable, successful, enduring bird and are residents species 

 It is characterized by a large, stocky body with a black hood and a patch of bright yellow bare skin behind the eye. The overall body plumage is chocolate-brown but under the tail, the tip of the upper tail, wing patches are white. Bill and legs are yellow.

Myna bird Information India

Generally, they have a dark brown body, white-tipped tail, and white patch on the bottom side of the wing, and their eyes are encircled with bare yellow skin.

Myna Birds use their strong legs to walk on the ground. When in a happy and joyful mood, they hop with their legs.

The common Mynas often feed, in large groups and produce great damage in the orchards. Sometimes, it pierces the fruit from the bottom, makes it useless to consume or sell the fruit, and decreases its market price 

They have the characteristics of an omnivorous species where they eat:

1. Snails

2. Eggs

3. Immature birds

4. Frogs 

5. Insects

6. Fruits and seeds.

Myna Birds are helpful to farmers as they help in plucking the ticks from cattle’s body 

Their songs consist of, whistling sound, squeaking, and gurgling sound. Like parrots, when kept captive, mynas can mimic the sound of human speech. 

The mating season of common mynas takes place between April to July in India. Monogamous birds that are common mynas, usually mate for a lifetime. 

The common Myna bird has started adjusting to the urban environment as they are confident and aggressive birds. 

During their breeding period, they even fight with their mates and the winning bird gets an opportunity to build a nest on the preferred side. Females lay 4 to 5 eggs that hatch after 14-18 days, and during their incubation period, the male provides food to females. Young birds are ready to leave their nest after 22 to 27 days after hatching. 

In India, Indian mynas are found in abundant quantity and are familiar 

Mynas are seen in many parts of the world such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Israel.

Mynas build their nests in a hole of a tree or a wall. Both parents collect twigs, leaves. Grasses to build their cup-shaped nest. 

Mynas usually live around 4-5 years in the wild.

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