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Is Affordable health insurance useful in a crisis

A crisis is a time of intense difficulty and danger, and the ongoing pandemic, a full-fledged war in the west and the recent deadly tremor of an earthquake in the middle east claiming almost fifty thousand lives are a few appropriate examples of the same and amplifies the fragility of security surrounding all sides of life.

The pandemic and other mentioned disasters magnify the requirement of preparedness around the uncertainty of health and injury.

Purchasing Health Insurance is one of the key ways to achieve the aforementioned preparedness.

Affordable Health insurance refers to availability of health plans that are pocket friendly and can still provide a safety net around yourself and your loved ones in unfavourable times of unstable health and diseases. Affordable health insurance therefore helps larger sections of society, beyond the affluent segments, to live life to the full of its potential by alleviating some amount of distress from the uncertainty and unpredictability of the future.

Having to think about the financial aspect of expenditure and monetary compensation should be the last thing one would have to worry about in an ongoing situation of a crisis of bad health and injury.

Being covered with affordable health insurance eases the unexpected expenses that health issues inadvertently bring with them. At Chola MS health insurance, we are mindful that our country is woefully under-insured and it is only now with more awareness that more people realise that affordable health insurance is within their reach.

As a concept, Health Insurance covers the expenditure of hospitalisation, medication, surgery and other medical expenses, consequently sparing you an ample amount of time to take care of yourself and your loved ones entirely instead of weighing you down under the burden of hospital bills.

In worst-case scenarios health issues and injuries can put one in high debt leading to bankruptcy with overbearing costs of treatments,this is particularly true of those who have high ongoing expenses and may have thought health insurance is beyond their financial means. It is exactly for such situations that affordable health care comes into the picture to save you from all these unfortunate events and keep your financial stability intact.

A good deal of insurance policies these days come with a cash-less feature. This means you do not have to worry about carrying cash at the time of getting admitted to the hospital and all your expenditure gets full coverage and you can focus on the recovery and well-being of the patient.

Health insurance being available at cost-effective rates for pre-existing diseases prove to be a huge deal of much-needed assistance for the treatment and ongoing management that chronic illness requires around it.

Old age brings with it a list of ailments along with co-morbidities. For those with dependent senior citizens or for those who want to ensure their health care in sunset years, purchasing affordable health insurance can assure a basic standard of care in case of medical need for senior citizens.

Identical to natural calamities, the recession also is an event where affordable health insurance comes into play because, with joblessness arising from recession, one cannot simply imagine the terror of hapless events of health issues and expenses that follow. Health related debt can become a huge ongoing burden on families especially in times of economic uncertainty, job insecurity or other forms of financial distress that affects income streams.

As the saying goes “Prevention is better than cure”, health insurance that is easy on the pocket, also provides you with routine check-ups and timely examination through screening of issues in the early stages containing the illness and keeping the excessive amount of spending at bay.

Systematically arranged monthly or quarterly procedures of routine bodily check-ups can sometimes prove to be a godsent miracle by identifying life-threatening diseases at an early stage resulting in the treatment taking place at the right time.

Aside from covering the financial aspect of health issues, health insurance provides you with much-desired safety around the overbearing mental health issues arising in the time of crisis by not deteriorating one’s sanity and increasing the existing instability surrounding the criticality of ailment.

The existing monetary assurance eliminates some fear and agitation emerging within the ongoing crisis and gives you a sense of calmness and emotional stability in between the distress that ailment puts you in.

Budgeted health insurance brings about the accessibility of healthcare to everyone, in turn making it more likely for you to be healthy with help of preventive checkupsenabling you to recover from illness and be in charge of chronic diseases.

Health insurance coverage at nominal rates should be a basic healthcare facility available to everybody and not a privilege only the rich can afford.

Healthcare being accessible to everyone at reasonable rates has a greater good than it being impersonal security, the reason being it curbs communicable diseases and restrains them from contaminating the larger public haphazardly.

About one-third of the population of our vast and diverse country is not covered by health insurance. This is why the Indian Government announces from time to time, specific schemes that make affordable health insurance a reality. We at CHOLA MS Health insurance always support such initiatives. For instance the Government launched Ayushman Bharat as a wide-scale healthcare program. It is a government-led health insurance fund that provides healthcare to millions of individuals who cannot even afford primary healthcare costs. Likewise, many states have state sponsored health insurance schemes to support lower income groups.

A crisis around medical emergencies creates jitters of anxiety challenging your rationale. In order to get the best plan, it is crucial to do your own research in order to analyse countless options and health insurance policies that are available in the market. You can cut to the chase and check out several affordable and economical health insurance plans on the Chola MS health insurance pages on the website.

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