Must have jewellery for college students

Young adulthood is an exciting stage of life that every college student looks forward to as it is the time for the student to explore various things. If you belong to this stage, you will be busy dealing with schoolwork and also having the finest time. A part of this phase belongs to caring about your appearance and the way you present yourself. Whether you are going to a party or college, it is vital to make yourself look nice. One of the most important things that you need to consider having is the right jewellery.

College students typically do not have the time to wear makeup or change into formal clothes always. This is why this particular age group likes to adorn jewellery with an eccentric style. They are looking for means to save money and turn their dorm room into a lively place. Also, they wish to make use of their time in the best way possible. This indicates having fun and trying new styles. With just some key jewellery pieces, you can make your outfit look great. You do not require using any bigger jewellery at all. You can opt for delicate and small pieces as they are easy to wear and go well with your attire. For instance, if you would love to wear necklaces, then you need to sport them in neutral colours as it will help keep the style simple and clean. 

Here are some of the must-have jewellery for college students. 

Dainty ring

A dainty ring can help add personality to your outfit of the day effortlessly. You can try wearing it with your college uniform. There are a variety of designs that you can pick from but you need to be cautious in selecting the style of the jewellery piece to stay away from getting disciplined by your lecturers or professors. 

Pendant necklace

You can pair a casual tee and jeans with this necklace. It helps enhance your look whilst keeping it womanly yet simple. Depending on the piece style, it can be worn with your other outfits or college uniform as well. 

Statement necklace

When you check gold price, you will notice that it varies everyday. However, this doesn’t put anyone off from purchasing their favourite jewellery.  If you wish to be daring and bold, you should opt for this necklace. You can pair it with the attire to help transform your vibe. This jewellery piece goes well with a dress or a pair of T-shirts and jeans. 

Stud earrings

This is a classic jewellery piece that will go well with any attire. You can pair it with a floral dress to help boost your soft appearance. You can also wear it with your regular tee and jeans to accomplish your street smart yet stylish vibe. 

Dangling earrings

Dangling earrings are adaptable pieces that you can easily match with your college and casual outfit. It is great for a night party with a set of your friends too.  This jewellery will set the temper of your outfit. You just need to be careful of the designs that you might be wearing when you attend your classes. You can present this as a gold jewellery gift to your friend. 

Multi-layer vintage necklace 

Depending on which type of look you wish to achieve, you can sport it with a plain tank or a statement necklace. You just need to keep the remainder of the attire simple so that you do not end up looking too fancy. You can sport the necklace with a checkered blazer or a leather skirt too if you wish to add texture to the attire. You can swap the shoe for a new boot to add some diversity to your attire. 

Jewellery helps add character. This is especially true with college students who actually love to wear smart clothes for several occasions. College students always wish to stand out from the regular crowd. A unique jewellery piece is a good way to do just that. Even if you have a tight financial plan, you can opt for a jewellery piece that helps you be noticeable as you need not spend on something that is expensive. 

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