Proud to be an Indian, as we have to pay just Rs.50 (which is less than 1$) for being cruel to animals in India. Are you wondering but that is what our law says?


Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, enacted in 1960 but has not been amended ever and the figures have not changed in the 61 years since then. Animals are suffering for far too long because of weak laws. Heinous crimes are being committed by every part of the country every day. 


A wave of public outrage is coming every day but all in vain if stricter penalties and harsher punishment are not imposed by revising PCA, 1960.

Whether you are an animal lover or not, doesn’t matter, if you are a kind human, do a favor and support this campaign which has been organized by Humane Society International/India and People For Animals.

This is the time when we need to show our unity. 19th July Monsoon Parliament session commences and our together efforts can bring a change in our 4 legged friend’s life.

Want stronger laws for animals? Please vote for #NoMore50 at vocalforanimals.org This is our best chance. All votes must be cast before the monsoon session of the Parliament begins (19 July)


Pls click the link


and follow the link given in her bio. It’s just one click and your tweet is ready to go. #NoMore50

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