The Most Iconic Kabaddi Trophies: From National Championships to International Tournaments

Kabaddi, the high-octane sport that demands a unique blend of strength, strategy, and agility, has become a sensation across the globe. From dusty village grounds to state-of-the-art stadiums, the sport has come a long way, captivating the hearts of millions. As kabaddi enthusiasts, we are not only mesmerized by the sheer athleticism on display but also fascinated by the glint of the coveted kabaddi trophies, each representing a legacy of determination and triumph. In this article, we’ll embark on an enthralling journey through the most iconic kabaddi trophies, from the prestigious national championships to the thrilling international tournaments. To make this article even more interesting, kabaddi betting made easy here will help you. So, buckle up, kabaddi fans, as we dive into the world of champions and conquerors!

  1. The Pro Kabaddi League Trophy: Glory on the Mat

Picture this: The arena is packed, the crowd’s cheers reach a crescendo, and the atmosphere is charged with excitement. The Pro Kabaddi League, also known as PKL, is the epitome of the sport’s evolution in India. Launched in 2014, the league’s electrifying matches have been instrumental in elevating kabaddi to unprecedented heights. The PKL Trophy, a gleaming silver trophy adorned with the emblematic kabaddi player in action, represents the pinnacle of success in the league. ทีเด็ดบอล

  1. The Federation Cup: A Historic Triumph

The journey of a thousand miles: The Federation Cup, organized by the Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India (AKFI), stands as a testament to the sport’s rich heritage. This national championship, dating back to 1952, has witnessed the rise of numerous kabaddi legends. The awe-inspiring trophy, with its intricate engravings of kabaddi warriors in action, immortalizes the indomitable spirit of the players who fought fiercely for glory.

  1. The Kabaddi World Cup Trophy: Uniting Nations on the Mat

Strength in Unity: The Kabaddi World Cup, an international spectacle, brings together nations from around the world in a spirited display of sportsmanship and camaraderie. The tournament, first held in 2004, has witnessed teams showcasing their skills and cultural diversity. The Kabaddi World Cup Trophy, a masterpiece of design with the globe and kabaddi player in harmony, symbolizes the unifying power of sports across borders.

  1. The Asian Games Gold Medal: Asian Supremacy

Rising like the sun: Kabaddi’s inclusion in the Asian Games since 1990 has provided players with a stage to assert their dominance in the continent. The Asian Games Gold Medal is a symbol of unparalleled supremacy, representing the hard work and dedication of teams striving to uphold their nation’s honor.

  1. The Dubai Kabaddi Masters Trophy: Global Showdown in the Desert

A desert storm of talent: The Dubai Kabaddi Masters, held in 2018, showcased a thrilling face-off between top kabaddi nations. This invitational tournament saw players unleashing their skills under the scorching desert sun. The Dubai Kabaddi Masters Trophy, a fusion of traditional and contemporary design, is a cherished memento of the battle fought on foreign sands.

  1. The Junior National Kabaddi Championship Trophy: Nurturing Future Stars

A cradle of talent: The Junior National Kabaddi Championship is a breeding ground for emerging talent in the sport. Young kabaddi prodigies showcase their potential, providing a glimpse of the future stars. The Junior National Kabaddi Championship Trophy is a reminder of the dreams nurtured and the hard work invested in honing the skills of these young athletes.

  1. The Kabaddi Premier League Trophy: Power and Panache

Fireworks on the mat: The Kabaddi Premier League, a domestic extravaganza, sees a mix of seasoned players and rising talents coming together for intense battles. The league has redefined the sport’s popularity and style. The Kabaddi Premier League Trophy, an artistic masterpiece, captures the dynamism and allure of the league.

  1. The Asian Kabaddi Championship Trophy: A Battle Royale

A fierce continental clash: The Asian Kabaddi Championship brings together Asian nations, each vying for the title of the best in the continent. This championship, held biennially, showcases the growing strength of kabaddi in Asia. The Asian Kabaddi Championship Trophy, exuding elegance and power, represents the quest for supremacy in the heart of Asia.

  1. The Circle Style Kabaddi World Cup Trophy: A Unique Legacy

Circle of tradition: Circle Style Kabaddi, a traditional variant of the sport, has its own devoted fan base. The Circle Style Kabaddi World Cup, organized to preserve this ancient form, showcases the artistry of circle-style players. The Circle Style Kabaddi World Cup Trophy is a blend of history and modernity, underscoring the importance of preserving heritage.

  1. The Youth Olympics Gold Medal: A Glittering Beginning

Igniting the spark: Kabaddi’s inclusion in the Youth Olympics in recent years has opened new avenues for young talent. The Youth Olympics Gold Medal represents the promising start of their journey in the world of sports and the determination to carve their mark.

In Conclusion:

Kabaddi, a sport that has transcended boundaries and cultures, has gifted us with unforgettable moments etched in the annals of history. The iconic kabaddi trophies represent the passion, perseverance, and pride of players who have given their all on the mat. As we celebrate these trophies and the champions who have held them aloft, let us remember that kabaddi’s essence lies not only in the accolades but in the spirit of the game and the memories it creates for generations to come.


Trophy Name Event/Championship First Held
Pro Kabaddi League Trophy PKL 2014
Federation Cup National Championship 1952
Kabaddi World Cup Trophy International Tournament 2004
Asian Games Gold Medal Asian Games 1990
Dubai Kabaddi Masters Trophy Invitational Tournament 2018
Junior National Kabaddi Champ. Junior National Championship
Kabaddi Premier League Trophy Domestic League
Asian Kabaddi Championship Trophy Asian Championship
Circle Style Kabaddi World Cup Circle Style World Cup
Youth Olympics Gold Medal Youth Olympics

Unordered List:

  • The Pro Kabaddi League Trophy celebrates the apex of kabaddi excellence in India.
  • The Federation Cup stands as a historic testament to the sport’s heritage and evolution.
  • The Kabaddi World Cup Trophy unites nations in a spirited display of sportsmanship.
  • The Asian Games Gold Medal represents the supremacy of kabaddi in Asia.
  • The Dubai Kabaddi Masters Trophy embodies the thrill of global showdowns in the desert.
  • The Junior National Kabaddi Championship Trophy nurtures the dreams of young talent.


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