Top Trends Changing the Face of the Gaming Industry

In the last few years, the gaming industry has seen a significant increase in gamers’ interest across various devices and gaming platforms. Apart from digital transformation and technological advancement, restrictions from the pandemic significantly influenced these figures.

For instance, Microsoft’s Game Pass hit more than 10 million subscribers: an increase of more than 130%. Nintendo saw a 24% increase in the sales of their Switch console. In addition, the company’s new game “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” sold 13.5 copies by late March. Also, Twitch saw 1.49 billion gaming hours in April, a 50% jump from the numbers recorded in March.

For more on the top trends in the gaming industry, go over this list to find out how companies are getting more subscribers and sales.

Game Subscriptions

More companies now offer game subscription services. The business model has become increasingly popular, providing users with a library of games, features, discounts, and rewards.

That’s why you’ll see plenty of gaming companies moving in the same direction, coming up with new titles to bolster their services. Companies like Sony have already hinted that they will be taking action to compete with Game Pass from Xbox.

Online Gaming

The popularity of mobile gaming and a fast Internet connection has made online gaming possible, with plenty indulging in their love of games through online casinos and betting sites. Users can watch leagues of their favorite players fight in the games. And with the coronavirus still keeping people at home, many have found online games a much safer and more convenient way to bet and play.

However, with plenty of options in the market, users now had to navigate through these options, wondering which gaming platforms and sites were better. That’s where review sites come in.

Review Sites and Portals

The wide array of choices means that users can browse through options to their heart’s content. But, this popularity has also created a critical problem, with untrustworthy platforms propping up and trying to scam players. For instance, the online gambling market has seen a significant boom in the number of betting sites. However, a trusted review platform and portal provides users with a ton of consumer feedback.

By going over those reviews, gamers can easily learn which options aren’t trustworthy to avoid them like the plague. This also means that good betting and gaming sites can finally receive more attention. Users who visit iGaming portals like AskGamblers, find it easier to find sites that allow for fast and convenient account setups, lots of payment options to make it easier to fund their accounts and enjoy a slew of bonuses.


With more and more people turning to video games as entertainment, especially in the wake of the pandemic where many live sporting events were canceled, eSports has grown in popularity and demand. Ithas conveniently filled the gap andallowed gamers who want to engage in competitive video gaming to find the perfect outlet.

With people working from home, many have turned to eSports to alleviate their boredom. And while there are still many areas for improvement, the continued support of fans for eSports can only mean one thing: that the industry is set to grow even more in the future. 

eSports has also helped online betting take off, with fans betting on their favorite players and leagues. That’s driven even more interest in review portals that can help consumers cull through lists of betting platforms and sites. With these portals, gamers can winnow down their options with ease. This alone says a lot about the sustainability of the industry’s revenue streams.

Up in the Cloud

The industry continues to improve content distribution and delivery, with companies turning to cloud-based gaming platforms for growth and innovation. These platforms make it easy for consumers to access gaming content and seamlessly play across multiple devices with their streaming technology.

That means there’s no longer any need for players to own consoles or hardware that needs to be upgraded every few years. With cloud-based apps, gamers won’t need a controller in hand to participate and play. That’s also a massive cost-saving measure for companies as it allows them to save on the cost of delivery, storage, and upgrade of these machines.

Evolving Features

Mobile games are popular, but they have limitations. The short screen can provide a fully immersive experience, unlike consoles, especially those that can be partnered up with wide screens. That’s not to mention the VR and Augmented reality gaming gadgets that are starting to get famous.

Whether it’s online betting, a multiplayer sport, or an RPG, users are sure to continue playing with consoles and gadgets. And with companies launching even better features with every new version of their bestsellers, it’s a safe bet that these gaming gadgets will continue to play a crucial role in shaping the gaming industry’s future.

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