Top Vacations Destinations Where the Focus Is All About Sports

Sports lovers can agree that a vacation isn’t really fun if you don’t get to see some athletic action. If you want to take a vacation that lets you explore everything about your favorite sport, consider one of these bucket list destinations. 

Cooperstown, New York

You don’t get much more iconic than a trip to Cooperstown if you are a baseball fan. Well, maybe a trip to see the historic, ivy-covered walls of Wrigley Field, but it’s close. 

Cooperstown is a small city in upstate New York. With the nickname “America’s hometown,” it offers a host of wholesome activities. The centerpiece of any vacation to Cooperstown is a stop at the Baseball Hall of Fame. See pictures, memorabilia, and live presentations centered around some of baseball’s greatest players. It’s an experience true baseball fans won’t soon forget. 

Barcelona, Spain

The city that welcomed the 1992 Olympics offers a lot of sports excitement. It is home to sailing regattas, including the 2024 America’s Cup race. Don’t miss your chance to see this race steeped in history and pageantry, not to mention amazingly fast boats. 

To make your trip to Barcelona well-rounded, check out options for a relaxing Greece cruise departing from the city. While there’s a good chance you won’t be watching any major-league players on board, you can enjoy swimming, fishing, and even golf without going anywhere but to a different deck. Then, when in port, you can catch historic sights, amazing cuisine, and maybe even a local game or two. 

Daytona Beach, Florida

NASCAR fans know that Daytona is synonymous with the start of race season. Its Daytona International Speedway is home to the Daytona 500, which officially kicks off the season. The 500-mile (200-lap) race is typically sold out, so be sure to get your ticket package well in advance. To get the whole experience, consider camping on the grounds for the weekend. 

Indianapolis, Indiana

If you prefer a little more speed, check out a formula race weekend in Indianapolis, the self-proclaimed Racing Capital of the World. Be sure to check the schedule early so you can get tickets to your first-choice races. The Brickyard is also home to a racing museum and there are plenty of activities to keep you busy no matter when you choose to visit. 

Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville has plenty to see and do no matter what sports you love. Arrive early in May to catch some of the finest horse racing around at the annual Kentucky Derby. The Derby is the oldest horse race in the country and truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

That’s not all the city has to offer. Baseball fans will appreciate a trip to the Louisville Slugger Museum. Boxing fans can stop by the Muhammad Ali Center to immerse themselves in the life, career, and legacy of the champ. 

Las Vegas, Nevada

There is always a game on somewhere in Las Vegas, Pretty much every hotel has a sports lounge where you can catch the action live. Plus, travelers who want to get in on some sportsbook action will find everything they can handle in Las Vegas. 

Of course, Vegas has lots more to offer than sports and gambling. Take a tour of history at the Hoover Dam, watch a show or two, or just stop and admire the ingenuity that lets recreations of some of the world’s most amazing sights emerge from the Nevada desert.

Speaking of desert, Red Rock Canyon and the Valley of Fire are both within an hour of the famed Strip. They offer excellent hiking and sightseeing when you need a little more open space. 

Your Favorite Team’s City

Why not make a destination vacation around your favorite team? This is an excellent idea to get the whole family involved, or you can enjoy a week with your gal-pals ala “80 for Brady” style. Just try not to let the fun get too far out of hand.

Seriously, though, spending a week visiting your favorite team’s hometown and its sights can be a great way to vacation. Do a little research to find other sights to see while you are there. Museums, parks, and theaters are just a few ideas. Be sure to schedule the trip while there are a few home games so you can get to cheer your team on in person.

From the Baseball Hall of Fame to a weekend exploring your favorite team’s hometown, many great sports-themed vacations can help bring your passion to life. 

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