What Color Gems to Choose for Giving a Stunning Look in Moissanite Jewelry

Most individuals want to stay in their comfort zones when it comes to style and fashion. Consider the topic of jewelry. A clear diamond can spring to mind if you’re considering purchasing a pricey piece of jewelry. But now is the moment to push yourself and live a more colorful life. The moissanite gemstone has gained popularity recently, but what is superior to a colorless moissanite? A colorful and eye-catching one! People frequently wonder if they are genuine enough, but this blog will dispel all the myths and enable you to appreciate the beauty of colored Moissanite jewelry.

The Basics of Moissanite Colors

Moissanite is traditionally known for its clear, diamond-like appearance. However, the gemstone also occurs in various colors, thanks to the innovative techniques used in its creation. Colors can range from colorless to near-colorless, as well as blues, greens, and yellows. Even though it’s made in a lab, Moissanite maintains its dazzling allure, irrespective of its color.

Are Moissanite rings available in various grades?

Yes. Moissanite comes in three different grades. Technology has only gone far enough to produce yellowish-green stones when Moissanite was developed. This “classic” Moissanite, as we like to refer to it, is still available (beware!). Gemologists kept trying new things because that’s what consumers truly wanted: an excellent diamond substitute. Today, Moissanite is colorless or almost colorless. While colorlessMoissanite resembles an H-colored diamond, colorless Moissanite seems to be E-colored. These more recent stones make stunning Moissanite engagement ring choices.

What causes the color of Moissanite stones?

The artificial procedure that moissanite stones go through gives them color. Superheated and pressurized gases condense to form the stone within unique enclosed chambers to produce these diamonds, which are produced under extremely harsh conditions. Trace elements like nitrogen, sulfur, and boron cause unexpected reactions with the stone’s carbon resulting in a hue.

The Importance of Color Grade

Moissanite is classified using a color grading system similar to diamonds, ranging from D (colorless) to Z (noticeable color). However, unlike diamonds, even lower-grade moissanite stones often possess incredible brilliance. When choosing the color, consider the grade and your personal aesthetic preferences.

How to Choose the Right Color?

Classic White Moissanite

The traditional white Moissanite is timeless and exudes an air of sophistication. If you’re a fan of classic elegance, you can never go wrong with colorless Moissanite. These gems provide maximum sparkle and versatility, making them ideal for any piece of jewelry, be it a ring, necklace, or earrings.

Fancy Color Moissanite

For those looking for something unique, consider Moissanite jewelry stones in shades like green or yellow. These stones make a bold statement and are perfect for special occasions. Pair them with other colored gemstones for a vibrant, multi-stone setting, or let them shine.

Grey Moissanite

If you want something trendy yet subtle, grey Moissanite offers a more subdued elegance. These gems give off a mysterious aura and are ideal for people who prefer understated jewelry.

Pair with Metal Wisely

The color of the metal setting can significantly affect the stone’s appearance. For example, colorless moissanite pairs beautifully with white gold or platinum settings, whereas yellow or rose gold can highlight the warm undertones of a slightly coloredmoissanite.

Tips for Making the Right Choice

1. Consider the Setting:

Choose a setting that complements the Moissanite color. More intricate settings may allow the stone to exhibit more excellent brilliance.

2. Think About Skin Tone:

With clothing, specific colors might look better against different skin tones. Match the moissanite color with the skin tone for an enhanced look.

3. Fashion Statement or Timeless Piece:

Are you buying something for occasional wear or an everyday item? The intended use can guide you in choosing the right color.

4. Consult a Jeweler:

Expert advice can often provide insights that you might not have considered. Discuss your needs and preferences with a jeweler to ensure you pick the right hue.

5. Budget:

Generally, colorless Moissanite is pricier than its colored counterparts. Set a budget that allows you to explore different colors without straining your wallet.

Mixing and Matching with Other Gemstones

Moissanite plays well with other gemstones. For a multi-colored, vibrant piece consider pairing a colorless moissanite with sapphires or rubies. Alternatively, a green Moissanite can be beautifully complemented by white diamonds or pearls.

Versatility is Key

Moissanite’s wide color range is its strength. Whether you’re into classic jewelry or something more contemporary, there’s a color to suit your taste. For example, a grey moissanite lends itself well to modern designs, while a green or yellow stone might be more suited to vintage settings.

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