A Closer Look at Managed Services and Network as a Service

Whether you are an SME or an enterprise, or a small startup, your network infrastructure is the backbone of your operational and service processes. It is the lifeline that needs to seamlessly connect your ground staff with your remote operations, virtual workforce, and global clientele. It needs to be reliable, consistent, and available round-the-clock. 

Have you found the right network solution for your business? If not, here are two terms that you need to be aware of before continuing your search – Managed Services and Network as a Service (NaaS). Let’s explore them in detail.


What are Managed Services? 

The term Managed Services refers to an evolving business model that improves your business network management. It is the process of outsourcing network services to external service providers. The immediate benefit of such outsourcing is shifting the burden of network management to experienced partners. As a result, your business can refocus on its core competencies. Managed services providers become the facilitating partners who ensure that the network operates smoothly and securely.


How Can Managed Services Help Your Business?

Here is how managed services help improve the network performance of your business:


  1. Expertise: Managed services providers, by default, have qualified and experienced technicians and experts who can fix networking issues on the go. Their deep expertise in network management will help your organization overcome hurdles and issues in the least possible time. It saves your business several man-hours and lowers operational costs. Thus, it’s safe to say that their expertise is invaluable in complex issue-resolution and bringing-in optimal performance.


  1. Surveillance and Monitoring: With managed services, you can be assured of round-the-clock monitoring of your network, proactivity, and meticulous surveillance. Constant monitoring will help identify potential vulnerabilities and swiftly address escalations.


  1. 3. Scalability and Flexibility: Managed services providers offer scalable solutions that are tailored to the changing needs of your business. As your business grows and evolves, you may need more resources or, at times, less. Managed services can easily scale up or down according to these requirements. 


  1. Cost-Efficiency: Managed service partners eliminate the need for maintaining an in-house IT /network team for the purpose of network management. When you outsource networking services to managed services partners, your business can minimize expenses while receiving top-tier support.


What Do You Think Network as a Service is?

Network as a Service is an evolving concept that helps your business make the proverbial cut from on-premise, physical network infrastructure. It is a cloud-based service model with a sweeping suite of networking solutions on a subscription basis. As services are easily virtualized, you can access a flexible and customizable network infrastructure without the limitations of the physical hardware. 


Why You Should Use Network as a Service:


  • Agility: Network as a Service (NaaS) providers can rapidly deploy network resources as per your requirements, ensuring your business stays agile and competitive. It allows your company to swiftly adapt to changes in demand, eliminating the delays associated with traditional networking methods.


  • Cost-Effective: By leveraging Network as a Service, you can shift from a capital expenditure (CapEx) to an operational expenditure (OpEx), thereby reducing upfront costs. The pay-as-you-go pricing model lets you pay only for the services you use, resulting in significant cost savings and efficient resource utilization.


  • Consolidated Management: NaaS provides a unified platform for managing all your network operations, reducing complexity, and enhancing visibility. This centralized approach can greatly simplify network management, boost efficiency, and provide better control over your network infrastructure.


  • Advanced Security: NaaS providers often come with built-in advanced security measures, ensuring your network stays secure from various threats. They offer continuous monitoring, automated threat detection, and response mechanisms to maintain the integrity and security of your business data.


For your business to run like a well-oiled machine, it’s vital to keep your eyes on the prize – your core competencies. But in today’s digitally connected world, network management can consume significant resources. This is where managed services and Network as a Service (NaaS) come in, like your trusty sidekicks. They shoulder the weight of maintaining network performance, offering expertise, continuous vigilance, flexible scalability, and cost-saving strategies. NaaS goes a step further to deliver agility, cost-effectiveness, unified management, and fortified security, liberating your business from the shackles of physical infrastructure. The result? A dependable, flexible, and secure network, allowing your business to soar to new heights without getting entangled in the nuts and bolts of network management.



Managed Services and the Network as a Service (NaaS) model combined can revolutionize your business’s network infrastructure. They provide expertise, constant monitoring, scalability, cost-efficiency, and advanced security. NaaS, additionally, brings agility and unified network management, facilitating your business’s ability to adapt to dynamic needs without the limitations of physical infrastructure.

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