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All things You Need to Know Exceptional Speed Dog: Indian Breed Kaikadi.


Kaikadi Breed a Sighthound breed, originating from the nomadic Kaikadi tribe of Maharashtra. Mostly these dogs are seen in central and western regions of India. This breed got its name from the kaikadi tribe but is not recognized across the country. Only a few people are aware of this Kaikadi breed and its existence. The origin species of this breed is Terrier. They often look the same as an Italian greyhound or whippet. 

During the night, these dogs guard their owner’s house and protect it from strangers and intruders. It is said that they are outstanding runners and can easily hunt small animals in nearby farm areas. 


  • It’s a medium-sized dog
  • Height:

Male: 22 to 24 inches

Female: 21 to 24 inches

  • Weight: 

Male: 15 to 20kgs

Female: 15 to 19 kgs 

  • Body color: mostly they are in black, tan, and white shades with a flat and smooth coat covering over their body. 
  • Their legs are generally thin and erect. Their body structure is also thin, but their thighs and hock joints are strong and powerful to run faster. 
  • The mouth gets a little narrower at the end, in a pointed conical shape.
  • When they feel any danger around them, their ears get straight in a vertical direction, indicating the stranger as a danger ahead.
  • Their tails are long and narrow.

KaiKadi Life expectancy: 

On average they live up to the age of 12 to 14 years.

Personality and Temperament: 

They are loving, alert towards the strangers, jolly in nature, bold, obedient towards the owner, zestful and adaptable towards the change and mostly they are lovable and affectionate. 

They don’t live in city areas but need large fields to run. 

Rowdy and disobedient kids make them more anxious and worried.  

The original Kaikadi is difficult to acknowledge as they are mixed with the stray dog breed of India over the generations of many years. They are watchful, vigilant, and have an athletic, muscular body best suitable as a watchdog. 

They usually are not tied with ropes and strings, but freely move from one region to another. If they are kept in a cage or a small room then they may become aggressive and harsh towards the owner. Their territories are pre-decided to mark their leadership, large fields are required to have them as watchdogs. Small areas and less walking space make them more aggressive. They dislike socializing with other dogs but if given proper training during their young age they can easily adapt to other dogs. 


Kaikadi dogs are nomadic tribal dogs and are extensively fearless and have to face dangers and threats as they roam about here and there. 

Excessive exercises and physical workout is required when the owner is training the dog. To socialize them with children, the owner needs to train them from a tender age as they are hunting dogs. 

Take them for walks in nearby parks and games of balls and ropes can be played to train them as per the standard of living of the owner. To maintain their muscular strength, one can take Kaikadi dogs for swimming in shallow ponds or swimming pool.

So, how to train Kaikadi dogs?

There are 4 basic orders given to training the kaikadi dog which is as follows:

  1. Sitting: to get them into the sitting position, pull the legs of the dog into a sitting position and try showing them, how to sit with their legs folded on the floor. Try this method on a repetitive basis and they will learn it in less time.
  2. Staying: firstly, give them proper training on how to sit with legs folded. By holding their belt or leash in an upward direction, they will accept the command to stay quiet and calm. When the belt is held properly, the dog will feel committed to the owner and will respectfully obey their actions, and will lie down on the floor. 
  3. Lying down: move the belt in diagonal motion and slightly give pressure on their back and instruct them to lie down on the floor in a sleeping position. In this way, the dog will easily adapt to the commands of the owner. 
  4. Be upright/ stand: hold the belt towards the owner and gently push the dog’s chest in an upward direction, indicating them to stand tall on their 2 feet. Repeat this method to train them perfectly. 

Health Matters:

Generally, this dog breed is healthy and is not affected by any chronic diseases. But certain diseases can affect this breed which is as follows:

  • Pancreatitis: symptoms like, vomiting, diarrhea, and in certain situations, it may cause abdominal pain. If their dog is obese then there are certain chances that they can be affected due to this disease. 

Food and diet:

To provide them clean and fresh drinking water to maintain their exhaustion than level during the day as they are more energized, so they require a certain disease an adequate amount of water to quince their thirst.

Home-cooked food like boiled eggs, chicken, meat, and rice can be offered to them. But avoid giving them spicy and curry foods containing excessive oil and fats. It can affect their appetite and diet schedule. 

Commercially packed foods can also be given, but the home-cooked meal is quite healthy for them.

Grooming and care:

Have a regular check on their nails, teeth, claws, ears, and eyes, wash them regularly with soap and water. See that mites and ticks are not irritating the dog, if there are any such mites found then wash their back with appropriate shampoo and water. Regular visits to veterans are advisable for vaccinations. 

Reproduction cycle: 

When the female kaikadi starts bleeding and swells the vulva, they attract males during those 9 days to mate with them. The reproduction cycle lasts for about 60 to 65 days. They litter only once a year, frequent mating is not advisable as it can harm their health.

However, the real species and breed have become extinct and the present kaikadi breeds are not having the same characteristics as the previous breed.

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