Indian Mongrel Dog Breed

A-Z All Information About Indian Mongrel Dog Breed

Mongrel Breed is a mixed breed dog often known as a mutt. Mongrels don’t mate with their specific breed but are a result of accidental or unintended breeding between the dogs. Tracing their ancestry, from where they belong is quite difficult to analyze as they come from parents of a different breed.

They tend to have very few health-related issues than other purebred dogs as they minted to breed with another breed dog. Generally, people who are interested in adopting dogs, choose mongrel over purebred dogs. 

Mongrels are mixed-breed dogs that breed naturally without the help of any human interference. 

Mongrels are more affordable than other purebred dogs, hence experts and dog fans still choose mongrel over purebred dogs. 

Characteristics of a Mongrel Dog:

  1. Low in price: buying a purebred from a breeder will cost you more than adopting a mongrel from animal shelters.
  2. Classic looks: as they mate with other breed dogs, their looks also differ from species to species and they look more attractive in the first look. 
  3. Fewer health issues: very less chances of health issues.
  4. Unpredictable attitude: their characteristics vary as they mate with other pure breed dogs
  5. Mysterious Appearance: from their appearance, we can not decide their actual age and real ancestors as they don’t belong to purebred. 

Size and Weight of Mongrel Dog Breed:

The weights of the mongrel can vary from species to species, no exact trait or evidence has been confirmed about their height, weights, and sizes. When 2 large mongrels mate with each other, then we can say that their puppy will be a look-alike or similar, and in the same manner, if 2 small mongrels breed then their puppy will be similar to their appearance. So no exact numbers regarding their appearance can be seen. 

Approximate figures of their height and weight are,

Height: 7 inches to 33 inches 

Weight: 2 kgs to 78 kgs

The proportion of height and weight can vary from breed to breed, depending on their breeding cycle. 

The lifespan of mongrel breed: 

Their average life span ranges from 11 to 14 years.

Diet and meals:

Mongrels are to be offered food twice a day, and the proportion of food varies based upon their size, age, gender, physical stamina, etc. 

Boiled chicken, eggs, and boiled vegetables like carrots can be given. 

Puppy mongrels should be given food based on their size and capability to digest foods.

Avoid giving them spicy and curry foods and any leftover human foods.   

Dressing and grooming: 

They usually require less grooming. Large and hairy dogs require trimming and grooming frequently but small puppies don’t require grooming. If the coat is very hairy, brush them with a comb on their back and belly area. Like us humans, dogs don’t require the daily brushing of teeth and nails but brushing their teeth twice a week is advisable to maintain their cleanliness and health. Wash and clean their ears as well because there are more chances of ear infection. 


Usually, they are strong and tough and have good resistance power to protect themselves from any disease. If given the proper training with appropriate techniques, mongrels can be considered good domestic pets and can easily stay with other family members. They don’t harm children as they have friendly nature and obedience towards them.

When you are adopting an adult mongrel breed, try training them with a professional trainer and train puppies at their young age by giving them orders to sit, potty training, etc. 

Reason for adopting a mixed breed dog:

  • Adopters will get an exceptional breed
  • You are giving life and a caring family to a stray animal.
  • You will adopt Euthanasia.
  • Faithful and loving partner
  • The promotion of the sale of purebred dogs will be stopped. 

Full medical check-ups and analysis of the dog’s health are to be done with professional doctors and give them proper vaccinations if they require any.

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