Everything you need to know about Aspin dog breed, price, age, attitude in USA

Dogs being a man’s best friend, and Aspin dog is the best, resilient example of this. It is a mixed breed of dog from the Philippines. They are called by several names e.g., Askal (the name ASKAL comes from the Filipino word “asong kalye or “dog of the street” in English), Ironing, Bisaya. It has become part of the landscape in large areas. They are not very well known in the whole world till now and they are not categorized as a breed as it’s a mixed breed.  

Aspin Dog: An Overview

  • Colour- commonly black, brown, white, rarely red, brindle, grey, cream and they are spotted.
  • Stature- dogs- 25- 27 inches (64-70 cms), bitches – 22- 25 inches (58-64 cms)
  • Weight- dogs- 18-29 kg, bitches – 16-20 kg 
  • Lifespan – 15-20 years
  • Coat- simple coat 
  • Litter size- 3-5 puppies (avg.- 7-8)
  • Temperament – extremely kind and lovable to all people
Aspin Dog


“Asong Kalye” is a longer version of the name Aspin which in translation means ‘native dog’. As they are a mixed breed these dogs don’t have any detailed descendants that contribute to what they look like in today’s generation. 

These dogs were commonly wandering on the streets by the late 20th century. The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) in the year 2007 recommended another term “Aspin”, short for Asong Pinoy (Pinoy dog) to avoid the stigma associated with the term “ask”.

In Cebuano, dogs are called iron Bisaya, which means “Visayan dog” or “native dog” inferring that these are not thought of as a mixed-breed dogs so much as unbred mongrels with no purebred ancestors. This is only from a Visayan point of view since ironing Bisaya does not differ in character or physical appearance from the other Azkals found in the Philippines. Physically, the dogs have all figures, shapes, and stature. 


Aspin dogs are roaming on the streets of the Philippines. Aspin dogs are the result of natural breeding. Humans do not mate these dogs forcefully. Moreover, they are of various colors like brown, black, rarely red and in grey colors. Aspin dogs have a height of around 25-27 inches so basically, they are mostly medium in size. Their coats are usually short and rough. 

Aspin dogs as pets

Aspin dogs are smart and loyal and house pets as well as effective workers. These are intelligent and have a wonderful capability of being competitive with other breeds.

Can you train Aspin Dogs?

The answer to this question is yes. Yes, Aspin dogs are intelligent enough and you can train them with the help of a professional dog trainer nearby. As alluded to above, Aspin dogs lend their services to many different police forces within the Philippines and also are employed by the Filipino military.

If the Aspin wasn’t dependably trainable, this wouldn’t be the case, and other breeds would be used in their stead. They’re used to sniff out drugs, bomb detection, and as guard dogs. Aspin dogs are great ‘search and rescue’ dogs.

Askal dogs are trained to be a bomb and narcotics sniffing dogs. And it seems as though there are talks about making the Askal the national dog of the Philippines. They’re smart enough to train and socialize if you train them with patience and kindness.

Do Aspin Dogs Socialise?

Aspin’s square measure predictably freelance. Such is straightforward to grasp once they remember their heritage as a street dog. At a similar time, a street dog wouldn’t last long if it were nasty toward individuals. Unnecessary to mention, they’re people-friendly unless trained or raised to be otherwise.

Are Aspin Dogs Strong Enough?

Military and police forces within the Philippines have begun to settle on the Aspin for operating functions over alternative breeds. The rationale being is however versatile and resilient the Aspins area unit, and the way simply they’ll handle transitions from place to put, climate to climate, inside the Philippines.

They’ve detected wherever alternative breeds like the Belgian Belgian sheepdog, shepherd dog, or geographic area Retrievers would begin to fatigue and lay down, cautious of the warmth of the day, the Aspin would still be able to go. They can live in thriving climates. They serve their masters first and then make other moves.

Their history of being a wandering form of dog has ingrained a “street smart” component to their instincts, giving them the power to quickly adapt to their surroundings. they’re conjointly additional resilient to diseases than alternative breeds out there.

What do Aspin Dogs eat?

Aspin dogs survive even in the worst of the conditions. Unlike different dog breeds, the Aspin isn’t meticulous with its food. I’ll appreciate and be grateful for the leftover rice, fish, and meat. (please don’t provide the Aspin chicken bones. Additionally, typically more than not, these bones mire in their throat.) Aspin isn’t choosy with food, it’s still necessary you give them food on daily basis. They too feel hunger a bit like the other animals. Aspin dogs, contrary to ancient nonetheless misconceptions may be fed with business pet food. they will be what the Belgian Belgian shepherd or Shih Tzu prefers. a bit like the other dog, it’s necessary that Aspins don’t seem to be overfed to avoid creating them fat.

A bowl of unpolluted water every day is sweet for the Aspin. This dog ought to be unbroken hydrous in any respect. It ought to have access to wash water especially throughout the summer months or the season. detain mind that since the Philippines could be a tropical country, the warmth may be intolerable and sometimes causes dehydration among pets. So as a pet owner you need to take care of that.

Price of Aspin Dog in India

The price of Aspin dogs varies and has a wide range. As they are pets from the Philippines they are a bit expensive. They range from Rs. 14,000 to Rs. 35,000.

Aspin dogs are medium in size, found in many different colors, and are domestic and resilient. They act mostly as coast guards. Aspin dogs are loyal. Due to their intelligence, they are easy to train and can learn new tricks. As they are a mixed breed so whoever pets them doesn’t register them as a dog in the office.

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