What is the Price of Khao Manee Cat?

Khao Manee cats actually pronounced as ‘cow manee’. These cats are muscular with a pure white, short, smooth, close-lying coat. Their ears are medium in size. Therefore the nose contains a light curve. The color of the cat is something from blue to amber, yellow, or a mix of blue and any of the opposite colors. The odd- saucer-eyed cat is the simplest in Siam, and usually a decent luck cat. Typically white kittens are born with a tiny low darker mark on their pinnacle, that eventually disappears as they get old. This is often traditional.

The Khao Manee is a natural cat breed, which simply means that they developed without any human stimuli. These felines are best known for being energetic, smart, and sociable. You can provide these cats shelter and breed-specific rescues, therefore keep in mind to forever adopt!

Khao Manee : History and Origin

Khao Manee cats originated from an Asian nation, Thailand. Other Names of this cat is- White Gem, Khao Plort, Diamond Eye

These cats are a rare breed of a cat having an ancient ancestry that can be derived from some years ago. Therefore they are also called the “White Gem,” this cat brings good luck and was a preferred breed with Thai royalty.

Khao Manee cat


Khao Manee cats love to move. They are outgoing, communicative, and intelligent. Additionally, they’re warm, with a stunning purr and enticing voices. Hence they’re dedicated to their house owners and are curious, sharp-minded cats who` have an everlasting sense of disobedience. As they’re quite inquisitive cats and like to play an honest game of fetch before curling up with you for a heat nap.

HEIGHT10-12 inches
WEIGHT8-10 pounds
LIFE SPAN10-12 years.
GOOD WITHchildren seniors dogs cats families
TEMPERAMENTsociable affectionate bold

Living Needs

Human feeling is incredibly vital to your very little Khao Manee cat. Since they have such a lot of attention, it’s vital to ne’er leave your Khao Manee alone for too long. once left to their own devices these kitties will get lonely and feel neglected. Moreover, a family with ample time and a focus to grant is that appropriate for this super social cat.

Consequently, speaking of social, don’t worry an excessive amount of if you often host or have a rotating door of holidaymakers. Therefore, Khao Manee cats simply need your reception. However, they’re happy to interact with new guests, as long as they’re willing to produce them with a number of the eye he craves such a lot.

Kids and alternative pets are welcome playmates to your pet Khao Manee. They don’t mind sharing the spotlight with those they love, and that they can quickly type a bond with everybody within the family. As a result of this breed is therefore curious and friendly, you’ll have to be compelled to keep a detailed eye on them to form certain they don’t break out through an open door or window to explore the planet.

How to Take Care of Khao Manee?

The Khao Manee incorporates a short coat that’s comparatively straightforward to worry for. Weekly brushing is suggested to assist rid of them of loose hairs, however otherwise, they are doing loads of the grooming work themselves. check that to often trim your Khao Manee cat’s nails and clean their ears.

Khao Manees square measure terribly active, therefore you won’t get to do abundant in any respect to encourage them to urge exercise. a technique you’ll facilitate keep your Khao Manee moving is to produce them with lots of houses to run and play with, interactive toys, and a cat tree to climb.

These intelligent animals square measure fairly straightforward to coach. Mastering the fundamentals of scratching post and litter box coaching is typically a fast task for the Khao Manee. This rollicking breed is often willing to find out some interactive games, like fetch.

Early socialization is that the key to creating your Khao Manee kitten feel reception. And once this breed is introduced to youngsters and different pets early, they often get on well and type shut bonds with their new playmates.

“Although they’re a usually social and dependent breed, they aren’t continuously the simplest around youngsters if not liberal properly,” says Kurt Venator, DVM, Ph.D., and Chief Veterinary Officer at Purina.

Your Khao Manee ought to be fed a diet of high-quality pet food counseled by your vet.


Khao Manee cats are a healthy breed with an associate degree expected time period of 10–12 years. As a result of they’re a natural breed, they’re usually less liable to genetic problems. Consequently, one health concern for the Khao sirenian mammal is hearing impairment. All-white animals of any kind and breed are literally a lot liable to hearing impairment, thanks to a sequence that links each pure white fur and issues with the labyrinth. It’s not clear what quantity it specifically affects the Khao Manee breed, however cat clubs do suggest testing kittens for hearing impairment.

“There is a longtime link between the white coat color, blue eyes, and hearing impairment,” Venator says. “Not all blue-eyed whites are going to be deaf, however, it’s a break.”

Responsible breeders can take a look at kittens for health problems, however, it is vital to stay often schedule vet appointments, and take the recommendation of your cat’s MD. Diseases and different health issues will develop later in life and maybe habitually monitored.

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Khao Manee Price

Khao Manee cats are rare and considered a newer breed outside of Thailand. Because of their rareness and the cost of importing, a Khao Manee kitten from a reputable breeder can set you back somewhere between Rs. 5 lakhs to Rs. 8 lakhs.

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