How to Create Telegram Account without a Mobile Number

Telegram is an absolutely popular application in the world. It was launched in 2013. Soon,it became the most downloaded application in the world.

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The next functions are available:

Send different files.
Share images, contacts, locations
Organize conference
Build up channels and groups
Develop business 

This massager has a high level of security. Developers of this application led by Durov focused on confidentiality and anonymity. These features became the main advantages of Telegram. 

Telegram asks you to enter a phone number whenever you want to set up a new telegram account. And after that, you must enter the checking code to prove the factual owner.. This action proves that you real person, not a bot.

This question arises when you have to use a few telegram accounts. Maybe you want to divide your personal and professional life or you want to use an anonym function without a personal date.

There are occurred different cases. 

Does Telegram require a phone number?

Here you will find solutions on how to register in Telegram without a phone number and also you will take recommendations and life hacks on how to set up a fake telegram account without personal information.

Make a Telegram account via Skype.

The Skype app allows you to rent a virtual phone number from $4.99 each. This phone number can be used to activate your Telegram account.

To take Telegram Account please follow the next steps:

1. Go to the official website with a smartphone or laptop.
2. Move to the section «skype number»
3. Click on the appropriate country
4. Register, pay for subscriptions and get access to virtual numbers.

With skype you will pay a reasonable payment, receive a virtual number, login and keep your anonymity. 

Make a Telegram account with a virtual phone number via SMS-man

Service SMS-man allows users to receive a virtual mobile number and use it for creating a telegram account.  Service focuses attention on customer satisfaction and offers qualitative product and responds very quickly. Many customers admit a high quality and use the service repeatedly. The website has intuitive navigation. Tech support works 24|7.

 Advantages of SMS-man service:

· Completely automatic service

· Opportunity to take SMS-messages for registration in more than 500 different services.

· Renting a virtual mobile number allows one to have an unlimited quantity of sms-messages during the paid period.

· Opportunity to use virtual mobile numbers from more than 270 countries.

· Convenient and functional API allows developers easily integrate SMS-Man into different products. This feature allows receiving SMS-messages automatically.

Additionally, we want to highlight service «Renting numbers»

Sms-man allows users:                                                                                                                     

To register an unlimited quantity of accounts for messengers, and other internet services by virtual mobile number
To keep anonymity by using messengers Don’t be afraid to lose your sim card 
Because all registered numbers will be attached to a virtual mobile account.

Getting a virtual num
ber through the SMS-man service offers a reasonable price list. All services are available at a low price due to automated workflows. Additionally, SMS-man provides quality service and fast interaction with users.

How to use free virtual number service to create a Telegram account

1. Create an account at service. This is a standard procedure which does not require any extra explanations.

2. Then you need to add money to your SMS-man account. You can choose a more convenient way of payment and increase your account balance.

3. After increasing the balance, select the appropriate country for the virtual number on the home page and the Telegram service.

4. Press the “Buy” button next to the selected service

5. Use this mobile number to sign in to Telegram.

6. The confirmation code will be available in your personal account on the SMS-man website.

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