What are Some of the Best Offensive Playbooks to be Better at Madden 23?

Madden NFL 23 is one of the best sports games currently on the market, with how realistic it feels to play. However, in order to be better than you are today, you need to make sure that you are running the best playbooks in the game offensively so you can move the chains and score points to win games. It is definitely underrated how important a solid playbook is to winning games, specifically online, in Madden, and today we are going to discuss a few playbooks you should experiment with to be even better offensively in the game of Madden.


The playbooks that are in Madden are the same ones that you see every week in the NFL and have a significant impact on the NFL odds over the course of the regular season.

Baltimore Ravens

With the Baltimore Ravens having a team that is built on running the football and it makes sense for their playbook to be one of the greatest that you can have with a mobile quarterback or elite running backs like the Cleveland Browns. All teams have a few good running plays for their backs to pick up yardage, but the designed quarterback runs that are in the Baltimore playbook make this go over the top as they are going to get the quarterback out of the pocket and move the sticks.

Then, of course, there are the run-pass option plays (RPO) that can be either depending on how the defense is attacking. There are plays with options, and this makes it hard for the defense to know where the ball is going to be.

Kansas City Chiefs

If you are looking at the Vegas NFL odds¬†every week and the point totals specifically, it should be no shock that the Kansas City Chiefs’ offensive playbook is going to have huge passing plays that no other offense can do. They have a plethora of plays that you can use with a speedy wide receiver on the outside to destroy man coverage as they continue to smoke their defender. They also have plays designed for you to utilize your tight end, similar to what the Chiefs do with Travis Kelce in real life.

The only knock is that if you are looking for a lot of balance in your play calls and not wanting to continue to drop back and pass, the Chiefs’ playbook is going to have some holes, as they do not have a great variety of running plays to utilize. However, it is a fun playbook to use and can make your passing game elite.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Even though the Pittsburgh Steelers are not going to be doing well in their real-life NFL lines, that does not mean that head coach Mike Tomlin is having difficulties scheming up plays with their solid weapons on the outside. They have one of the best playbooks to beat man coverage, which is completely overpowered in this game. With most playbooks designed to defeat zone coverage, this defeats man coverage the best.


The best formation that is specific to this playbook is the Wing Stack formation, which has a lot of running and passing plays built in to keep the defense on their toes.


In order to be a great offensive player in Madden, it is important to find plays that work for you in formations that have solid running and passing plays. Test these playbooks out and see which one fits your play style and the team you are using the best in order to dominate games. There are other playbooks that have some great plays, but these seem to be on a tier of their own as some of the best in beating specific defenses and having loaded plays on one portion of the offense.


What is your preferred offensive playbook of choice, and why?

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