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Indian Parrots have a strong curved beak, strong legs, and an upright stance, and clawed feet. The species of parrots are divided into 3 subdivisions which are as follows: 

  1. True Parrots
  2. Cockatoos
  3. New Zealand Parrot

The greatest diversity of parrot species is found to be in South America and Australasia. A parrot can be offered with the following foods: seeds, nuts, fruit buds, and other plant material. Few parrot species eat animals and flesh and other species eat, from the nectar of the flower and soft fruits.

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Diet schedule of Indian Ring neck parrot birds | what to offer parrots?

  1. Soak Black chickpeas overnight in water and in the morning, offer these chickpeas to Indian ringneck parrots. Kindly take note that not to offer them chickpeas in a large quantity but a handful or little quantity is enough for their consumption.
  2. Fruits: Any seasonal fruits as per the availability and environment in the market Apple, guava (offer them seedless apples as the seeds are harmful to their diet and are poisonous for their health. It can even result in death or various illnesses.)
  3. Seed Mix/Diet: Peanuts, Wheat, Millet and sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, oats, watermelon seeds, Buckwheat.
So how much quantity of these seeds to be offered?

Millet (bajra), wheat, Buckwheat can be taken in larger quantities for the seed mix while, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds can be taken in smaller portions. Peanuts should be mixed in little quantity as such seeds are oily and can result in diarrhea.

  • Vegetables: Spinach leaves, Tomatoes, Fenugreek leaves, Potatoes, Cucumber, Broccoli, Carrots, and various such Seasonal leaves and available vegetables.
  • Indian Bread (Roti): Indian bread can be offered as a healthy option and add a pinch of salt in the least quantity but without spices and oil.6. Protein-based diet: Boiled Egg, bread crumbs, Meat (in a minimal quantity) once a week
Indian parrot bird information

Now we will take a look at which things we should avoid offering to parrots in their diet:

1. Not to offer them tomatoes with their leaves on as they are poisonous for their health.

2. Avoid offering them salt in large quantities as it can result in dehydration. A minimal amount of salt in their diet is acceptable to maintain their sodium level.

3. Avoid giving food consisting of spices and oil as it can disrupt their digestive system.

4. Avoid offering them Onions and chocolates.5. Seeds like Kidney beans, various lentils are to be avoided in their diet

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African grey parrot price in India | Exotic Parrot price in India | Talking Parrot Price (approximate):

Prices of the bird mat vary depending on their weight, age, wild or hand tamed, availability in India, quality

  • 1. African Grey parrot: Rs 35k – 45k
  • 2. Albino Cockatiel Bird: Rs 3.5k to 4k
  • 3. Black Cap Lorikeet: Rs 65k to 80k
  • 4. Black palm Cockatoo: Rs 500 to 550k
  • 5. Blue and Gold Macaw: Rs 220 to 240k
  • 6. Blue Fronted Amazon: Rs 500k to 550k
  • 7. Budgies parrot: Rs 175-1500
  • 8. Chattering Lorikeet: Rs 65k to 70k
  • 9. Cockatiel: Rs 2.5k- 5k
  • 10. Crimson Bellied Conure: Rs 55k to 60k
  • 11. Eclectus Parrot: Rs 110k- 130k
  • 12. Galah Cockatoo: Rs 140k to 180k
  • 13. Goliath Black palm cockatoo: Rs Around 700k
  • 14. Greater Sulphur Cockatoo: Rs 200k to 240k
  • 15. Green Cheek Conure: Rs 8k to 12k
  • 16. Hahns Macaw: Rs 60k to 80k
  • 17. Hyacinth Macaw: Rs 42 lakh to 44 lakh
  • 18. Love birds: Rs 1.5k – 60k
  • 19. Lutino Cockatiel Bird: Rs 1.5k to 2k
  • 20. Moluccan Cockatoo: Rs 240k to 280k
  • 21. Monk Parakeet: Rs 16k-26k
  • 22. Orange-winged Amazon: Rs 50k to 75k
  • 23. Pastel Silver Cockatiel Bird: Rs 4.5k to 5k
  • 24. Pineapple Conure: Rs 12k to 22k
  • 25. Rainbow Lorikeet: Rs 40k to 50k
  • 26. Red Collared Lorikeet: Rs 55k to 65k
  • 27. Red Green Macaw: Rs 400k to 440k
  • 28. Red Spectacled Amazon: Rs 60k to 75K
  • 29. Scarlet Macaw: Rs 680k to 740k
  • 30. Severe Macaw: Rs 100k to 130k
  • 31. Sulphur Crested Cockatoo: Rs 160k to 180k
  • 32. Sunconure: Rs 30k – 35 k
  • 33. Toco Toucan: Rs 500k
  • 34. Umbrella Cockatoo: Rs 200k to 240k
  • 35. Varigated Grey Cockatiel Bird: Rs 2k to 2.5k
  • 36. White Faced Male cockatiel: Rs 3k to 3.5k
  • 37. White Faced Pied Cockatiel Bird: Rs 4k to 4.5k
  • 38. White-faced silver perf cockatiel bird: Rs 4k to 4.5k
  • 39. Yellow-headed Amazon: Rs 400k to 420k
  • 40. Yellow sided Conure: Rs 14k to 17k

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