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Those who want to adopt a Kangal dog are those who appreciate what the breed is all about: a gentle giant with unwavering love and commitment for its humans, even though this dog has an aggressive inclination and defensive traits, as well as a significantly stronger biting power of 743 PSI! If you want to learn more about this breed before getting one, keep reading.

Kangal Dog

Origin of Kangal Dogs

The Kangal breed is called after the Kangal District in the central Turkish province of Sivas where it is probably originated. The Kangal Dog is a historic guarding breed that is commonly linked to the Assyrian art depicting early mastiff-type canines. The breed’s working predecessors are supposed to trace back 6,000 years. Migrating tribes from Central Asia are thought to have introduced the first mastiff-type dogs to what is now Turkey. The local community maintained a solitary life, reliant on flocks of sheep and goats, climatic conditions, and the geography of the area. The shepherds’ flocks, as well as the shepherds themselves, were guarded by the massive dogs who accompanied them on their journey. The competence of the dogs to protect their flocks of sheep and goats from traditional predators like the wolf, bear, and fox was a source of great pride for those people. These dogs could effectively scare wild animals away due to their size. Because of rigorous breeding regulations, they still have the same appearance, demeanor, and personality today. 

The Temperament of Kangal Dog Breed

Don’t let the Kangal’s tremendous size scare you! True, the Kangal is a guard dog, but it treats its human family as if they were part of its tribe. The normal Kangal Dog is and always has been primarily a livestock protector dog, with a temperament that is characteristic of such dogs: protective of the domestic animals or human family with whom it has formed a connection. Understandably, Kangals demand a lot of space, so an apartment is not the happiest place for them unless you plan on providing them with physical and mental stimulation as well as letting them out often. It inclines to become sluggish if it is kept largely inside. A Kangal dog might benefit from living in a home with a wide backyard. Kangal Dogs often want to threaten intruders, but if required, they will take a physical step and strike. When it comes to strangers, they are a little restricted. 

The Appearance of Kangal Dogs

Kangal Dogs have a uniform pale tan coat color, in addition to being enormous dogs. Some have sable coats, which feature tan hair with black points. A patterned coat, such as brindle or merle, is relatively infrequent in these dogs. Their ears are floppy and have a black tone, and their faces are normally covered with a black mask. Although it is a large dog, it is not as large as other mastiff breeds. Years of herding sheep across vast areas of terrain have naturally perfected the Kangal’s flexibility and quick feet.

Height: Males 30 – 32 inches (77 – 86 cm) Females 28 – 30 inches (72 – 77 cm)

Weight: Males 110 – 145 pounds (50 – 66 kg) Females 90 – 120 pounds (41 – 54 kg) 

The Life Expectancy of This Breed

Kangal dogs have a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years. That’s about average for medium-sized dogs, but it’s a fantastic figure for larger breeds like the Kangal. Yeah obviously, your dog’s life is primarily determined by the type of life it experiences. A healthy lifestyle would most certainly result in a longer life span. 

Grooming Requirements for Kangal Dog

The Kangal dog breed, thankfully, requires very little grooming. You won’t have to bother about your dog’s coat too much, but that doesn’t mean it won’t require attention. During the twice-yearly shedding season, the coat requires vigorous brushing. The rest of the year, a light brushing will keep the coat in fine condition. They only need to be bathed when they become dirty, but their nails, teeth, and ears must be cleaned regularly. 

Diet for Kangal Dogs

Diets should be planned with a big to massive breed in mind, with typical energy and training requirements. For suggestions on what to feed and how much to feed, talk to your veterinarian or a professional nutritionist. As they progress from puppyhood through adulthood and senior years, their food requirements will change. Keep track of these dietary requirements.

Exercise Requirements for Kangal Dogs

They will heavily exercise themselves by monitoring the farm and defending their cattle, having come from a working dog background. Family dogs require regular walks and runs as well as a lot of social interaction since if there is no work for them to do, they will not get enough mental and physical stimulation and may become challenging to handle. Kangal is an incredibly smart dog who requires intellectual stimulation in addition to physical activity.

Training Required For Kangal Dog 

They’re scary, and that’s part of what makes them so good at what they do. When they’re not on duty, however, they have a pleasant demeanor and a reliable nature. Its Genetic code is enriched with a guardian persona. As long as they are properly trained, they are among the best dogs to have. They are extremely clever and self-assured thinkers. With a Kangal, your training responsibility will primarily be that of a supervisor, as typical dog training is extremely difficult with this breed. To avoid digging and hopping, you’ll need a secure, enclosed space to train your dog.

Health You Should Focus

Kangals are resilient and powerful dogs that come from strong breeding lines. They are super healthy dogs with a long lifespan. Though health issues are uncommon, there are some to be aware of, like with any dog breed. Hip dysplasia is the only hereditary condition that sometimes affects this breed. Canine Hip Dysplasia is an inherited genetic problem that occurs with severe discomfort and arthritis in the hip joints of these dogs. If you’re thinking about buying or adopting a Kangal, make sure to ask the breeder for health records on the parents. 

Because Kangal is patient, kind, and friendly to both kids and adults, this dog is a great family pet. These dogs, however, have certain requirements that must be met by their owners. You’ll be good after that’s taken care of. 

Kangal Dog Price In India 

Kangal Dog Price approximately 45k-55k. The price depends upon the place and breed quality.

What are your opinions on Kangal dogs? Have you ever had a Kangal? Would you prefer to adopt one after reading this?

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