Questions regarding Pregnancy in cat

What is the pregnancy period in cats?

A cat stays pregnant between 63 to at most 72 days. Until 2-3 weeks the cat won’t display signs of pregnancy.

How to know how many weeks pregnant my cat is?

Vet diagnoses your cat’s pregnancy by using ultrasound, at most it requires 15 days to know whether she is pregnant or not. The vet can also give you an indication by day 40 of how many kittens your cat is expecting.

Can I pick up a pregnant cat?

While picking her up make sure to avoid her tummy. This area will be very sensitive when your cat is pregnant and any touching to that area could cause her discomfort or hurt her unborn kittens. Pick her from the bottom and do not touch her stomach.

Do pregnant cats eat a lot?

Pregnant cats are seen to have a more active appetite during their pregnancy. As she comes closer to labor, you will notice a drastic decrease in her appetite.

Why is my pregnant cat meowing so much?

During pregnancy because of abdominal discomfort and false labor contractions, she becomes increasingly vocal and starts looking for extra attention and affection by meowing to loved ones.

What is nesting behavior in cats?

A day or two before labor pain, the queen usually becomes very sensitive towards her unborn kittens and starts searching for a place to give birth to have her kittens. She chooses the place where she feels safe and has some privacy, like the back of a closet or under a bed.

How do cats act before they give birth?

Few hours before the birth process starts you will notice a discharge from the cat’s vulva. She started feeling restless and cleans her genital area frequently. She completely stops eating. She meows, howls, chirps due to labor pain.

Is it necessary to leave my cat alone during labor?

Yes, most cats prefer to be left alone during this process. Avoid touching or petting your cat. As a human being, it requires the utmost ability to gather yourself fully to give birth to a child. The same happens with them as well. So give your cat as much privacy as possible.

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