January 2: National Pet Travel Safety Day

January 2 is marked as National Pet Travel Safety Day. A perfect opportunity to make a resolution for keep our dogs or cats or our pets safe. Every time we get into the car with them whenever we take them out. Be it pet travel mean a dog-friendly vacation, day out with your cat, a visit to a park, trip to the veterinarian, or a ride home from the shelter. It’s very important to make each and every trip a safe one for our pets.

National Pet Travel Safety Day came into existence by celebrity pet and family lifestyle expert. His name was Colleen Paige. He felt this need of doing this for increasing the awareness of the traveling needs of dogs and cats. As pet owners do forget or underestimate the need to take ample pet travel safety precautions. This is why there is a need for professionals to use National Pet Travel Safety Day as a reminder for keeping their pets safe.

Safety measures you need to keep in your mind:

Very first thing to do if you are planning a trip with your pet is to check in with their local vet to make certain that your pet is up to make sure and check up with its vaccinations, flea, tick and worming treatments. Prepare your pet for travel. Going on a road tour might be the first time an animal has been in the car. It is suggested to owners to do a few test trips before they set off on their big adventure with their pets. For example: a trip to the shops or a car or ride to the local park. It’s a sign of a good parent to notice the way they assess how their pet reacts to a car ride ahead of the day of travel.

Consider using a harness or carrier. Having a pet roam free during a car journey is dangerous for both of you. Owners should have a way for making sure their pet will be secure on the car ride. Like every mom in the family treats her child and makes sure that her child is safe. She would never leave the driveway unless that children are safely fasten up the seat belt to keep them secure. An unsecured dog is a danger to your dog, your passengers, and the driver.

National Pet Travel Safety Day

Car Safety:

Don’t let your dog ride within the front rider seat. the burden of your dog or your cat’s carrier sitting the rider seat can signal to the corresponding restraint that it must deploy within the case of AN accident, presumably injuring (or worse) your pet with its two hundred mph force once it suddenly deploys. If you set your tiny dog within the rider seat, he must be au courant a booster seat that doesn’t apply any weight to the seat itself. Some cars have on-off switches for the rider air luggage likewise. In general, though, the rear seat is that the safest place for your dog or for your cat carrier.

National Pet Travel Safety Day and Pet Food

Travel with food and litter. whereas it takes up some area, it’s abundant easier to travel together with your pet’s food and your cat’s favorite complete of litter instead of buying it at your destination (or, worse, finding yourself having to shop for a unique complete.)

Microchip your pet. albeit your dog or cat wears a collar with a tag, it pays to possess your vet place a permanent chip in your cat just in case she ought to be lost on a visit.

When you get your pet microchipped, take care to register that variety with a service like Home Again.
Check your pet’s ID tag; if it’s broken or onerous to scan, replace it.

Create a tag together with your cell variety. It’s conjointly an honest plan to make an ID tag together with your cellular phone variety.

Travel with a pet aid kit.

Check out our food accessories and food for your pet.

National Pet Travel Safety Day and Tech

Consider a high-tech hunter. For additional protection on the far side the tag, look at high-tech tag choices that use GPS or Bluetooth technology to assist you track a lost pet victimisation AN app on your cellular phone.
Carry the scent of home. Your pet’s favorite blanket may be a comforting scent of zero in a replacement place, whether or not that’s the carrier, vet’s workplace or bedroom.

If you’re traveling out of city, research the address and number of animal hospitals at your destination and on the trip route. Print out the knowledge or add it to your smartphone for straightforward access.
Choose automobile travel whenever attainable. automobile travel is a smaller amount trying on dogs and cats than aviation. Budget overtime throughout automobile travel for frequent stops; keep a dog walking bag full of poop luggage likewise as tasty treats for brief stops on the means.

Rethink a visit if your pet is just too giant to fly within the cabin with you. If your dog is just too giant to fly within the cabin (20 pounds GHB, looking on the airline), suppose long and onerous before considering a flight with him in loading. It’s extraordinarily trying and, for a few pets, dangerous.

Carry a record from your home vet confirming that your dog or cat has had all the required shots. Hotels and alternative lodging institutions might need showing proof of vaccinations at arrival.

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