indian ghost hound rajapalayam

To Know All About Rajapalayam Dog, Price, Life Span

The most muscular and heavy-boned “ Rajapalayam Dog”

Origin and Habitat of Rajapalayam dog:

Other names of Rajapalayam dog is Indian Ghost Hound or Poligar Hound. The name Rajapalayam originated from the Rajapalayam taluk of the Virudhunagar district of Tamil Nadu. Rajapalayam is a breed of status. It is one of the most favored breeds of guard dogs in the south Indian region.

History of Rajapalayam Dog:

During ancient times, in wars this breed participated, to sense the enemy and their footprints left behind. They also participate at Indian borders to save the soldiers by sensing the smell of terrorists or predators. They were present during Carnatic and polygar wars also.

indian ghost hound rajapalayam

The large and huge Rajapalayam dogs can even kill if someone attacks their owner. It is a part of Tamil Nadu’s cultural heritage.  And one more unknown thing is that Dalmatian dogs got their traces from the Rajapalayam dog breed.  

So how do the Rajapalayam Dogs look?

Body Structure:

The Rajapalayam Dog has a typical sighthound body which means that it is an athletic, slim and muscular dog. They tend to have broader and heavier muscles than other sighthounds with a compact body and tucked-up abdomen, semi-curved tail, and straight topline.

They have a pretty big head, deep chest, very long neck, and narrow waist. Legs are pretty thin, strong, and muscular that enables them to run faster or chase the predator.


Their height ranges from 25-30 inch. Male dogs are slightly taller than female dogs and they both have the same appearance, with no major differences in their body structure.


Their weight ranges from 30 to 35 kgs.

Color tone:

They have a milky white tone over their body or we can say is a pristine white color with a pink nose, pale skin, and brown or blue eyes. Their coat is short, smooth, and pinkish and they have drooping ears. They don’t have any variations in design and color but all the species of Rajapalayam dog are full white-grey.

Average life span:

They can live up to 9 to 12 years of age.

Rajapalayam Dogs are good because:

  1. Chasing wild boars
  2. Protecting the farmhouses and rice fields against wildlife
  3. War dogs used in wars against the British
  4. Companion dog

Owners having huge fields or farmhouses can keep Rajapalayam dog breeds to guard their homes and farms surrounding the area. If the owner is more fit and is habituated in doing the excessive workout, can think of having this Rajapalayam dog. They are very devoted towards their owners and a little aggressive towards strangers. Rajapalayam is a guardian dog. They protect the farm from wild boars, that come from the nearby forest areas.

So let’s dive into the Facts about the dog Rajapalayam or Indian Ghost Hound.

  1. They are the most loyal and intelligent dog breed as they can even attack wild animals like lions or tigers to protect their owners.
  2. They are aggressive and don’t like to socialize with other Indian dog breeds. If you want your dog to be socially active then try buying another Indian breed dog.
  3. If you are a first-time dog owner then you can consider a rajapalayam dog breed, but consider giving them enough time and training.
  4. Usually, 1st-time dog owners get a little aggressive when the dog becomes uncontrollable during the initial period of their adoption.
  5. Mostly they are very energetic.
  6. They are not very prone to any health issues or chronic disease.
  7. During summers, they can easily survive in the heat, but during winters, the owner has to cover them with proper clothes.
  8. Rajapalayam is a mixture of Guard dog, watchdog, and Spaniel dog. 
  9. Best Guardian dog among Indian Breed category.
  10. Kings of South Indian states were keeping Rajapayam guards for their safety. 
  11. Currently, these dogs are on the verge of extinction.

Rajapalayam Dog Price in India: Rs 25,000

The price of Rajapalayam Pups ranges from Rs 12,000 to Rs 25,000 per pair(male and female).

Rajapalayam Dog Price in Chennai Rs 22,000-25,000

These dogs are very Rare in nature and only a few owners possess this dog breed.

Breeding period of Rajapalayam Dog:

The main breeding period can be seen between November to January and they have a specific breeding period that is once or twice a year. To avoid inbreeding, breeders, keep the male and female separate in a room to avoid inbreeding or unwanted mating. The bitch usually undergoes 2 estrous mating cycles annually.

Male dogs get mature at the age of 12 to 14 months. Female dogs get mature at the age of 14 to 16  months


Diseases like Parvo viral diarrhea, rabies, and canine distemper are some seen in Rajapalayam dogs and for that vaccination is provided to them by their owners.

Food and diet of the breed:

They mostly rely on non-vegetarian food, combined with milk, eggs, and rice, and the food is to be offered twice the day to maintain their energy level.

So, can you adopt this dog, if you are a first-time dog owner?

Rajapalayam dogs are aggressive in nature and hostile in nature and might attack intruders or strangers. They being the guard dogs, can’t be kept in a closed shelter. Before buying this breed, the owner should consider the space required for the dog to move around freely.

If you are looking for the pure breed of Rajapalayam dog then it can be found in Tamil Nadu only. 

Rajapalayam dogs are on the verge of extinction because of the less awareness among the people. It is said that only 400 to 500 dogs are left in the breeding tract. Because of malpractices, or indigenous behavior towards the dogs, their breed is decreasing in numbers.

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