Promo codes for Lucky Jet – how to use and where to find them

Promo codes for Lucky Jet: search, use at 1win

On this page we will tell you about the popular online game Lucky Jet, developed on the basis of the betting company 1win. You will learn about what are the intricacies of this game, what are the game mechanics and functionality. We will also tell you about getting 1win promo codes for Lucky Jet and their possible use. Get more information about 1win promo codes at

What is Lucky Jet and how to play

This is an online game in the genre of crash, developed by specialists of 1-win service. Visually it looks very beautiful – on the screen in each round you see the outer space and the runway. At the start of each round Lucky Joe – the main character – goes to it. He has a jetpack on his back, on which he goes to plow through space. Together with Joe is launched on the screen x-multiplier – the coefficient of the bet. It grows with every moment. And its growth ends at the moment that the hero flies away.

The player has simple tasks. Before the start of the round, you need to make a bet by entering the bet amount. The bet is formalized by pressing the appropriate button. After starting the round, you wait for the desired rate, and as soon as the multiplier reaches this value – you need to press the button “Take the money”. The mechanics is extremely simple, even a beginner can easily understand.

The game is gaining popularity for a reason – in Lucky Jet really can earn real money. Quite often slip shygrovki with quotes from 2.00 and more. If you use your deposit correctly, you get the best opportunity for stable earnings. Also, you can use different strategies for the game, so that on the distance to be able to get a constant profit.

Pros and cons of the game

Lucky Jet has no serious disadvantages. We can emphasize the appearance of some bugs when accepting bets. Sometimes it happens that after making a bet, the button “Take money” at the start of the round does not appear, but the money is written off. This disadvantage can be solved by enabling the auto withdrawal function – specify the desired coefficient, and when it is reached, the bet will be calculated by winning.

The pros are much more. This is a convenient interface, and the simplest mechanics. But the main thing is the opportunity to earn. You can often see series with high odds, and there are 5, 7 and even 10 games in a row. You can earn good money.


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