Sports betting strategies: meaning and varieties

In order to consistently win at bets, it is not enough to have a high percentage of right guesses. On average, several wins are canceled out by one loss, so even highly successful forecasters face the risk of running out of money in the long run if they don’t have an effective strategy. Only those who play solely for the sake of pleasure can afford to bet without a system.

How to make accurate football predictions bring maximum profit? Unfortunately, there are no legal strategies that guarantee permanent winnings. Using “forks” or “arbitrage situations” is perceived by bookmakers as a gross violation. For them, the limits are significantly reduced or even access to the account is restricted. The essence of this scheme is to bet in different offices on opposite outcomes of one event, providing yourself with at least a minimal income for any result.

There are similar strategies that are not prohibited by bookmakers. For example, a “corridor”, in which you can also bet on opposite outcomes, guaranteeing yourself a safety net if the result does not fit into a certain range, and a big win in case of right guessing. On the Internet you can find detailed descriptions of this and other popular schemes. You can only understand which one is right for you based on practical experience.

Financial Strategies

In addition to using systems based on probability theory and mathematical calculation, it is worth adhering to certain financial rules. First you need to decide on the budget – the amount that cannot be exceeded for a certain gambling period. There are many ways to manage a bank, here are the most popular:

Flat. A gambler determines a specific amount and uses it for all bets.
Fixed percentage. The bet amount is determined as a percentage of the initial bank (usually 1-5%). As in flat, accurate football prediction is of great importance here.
Martingale. The bottom line is to double the face value of a bet when you lose. The minimum coefficient is 2.0. If a bet wins, better will at least recoup the previous loss. This is an aggressive and risky strategy that can lead to a complete bankruptcy. Modifications – catch-up, D’Alembert’s strategy, Oscar Grind.
Fixed income. A gambler selects events based on their odds. The bet value can change, the goal is a specific profit in case of success.

Of course, even an effective strategy does not bring success on its own. The quality of forecasts is of great importance. A high-performance gambler must not only thoroughly understand the features of a particular sport and tournament, but also conduct a thorough pre-match analysis every time. A variety of online tools can help you with this. There are also programs that make it much easier to find bets with suitable odds.

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