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Kombai Dog | Indian Rottweiler: One Of The Oldest Dog Breed.


The Kombai Dog boar hounds are also known as, the Combai dog, Combai Boar Hound, and Indian Boar Hound. 

They got their heroic name Kombai from a town named kombai of Ramnad district of Tamil Nadu.

Like Rajapalayam dogs, the origination of kombai dog is from Tamil Nadu. They are specifically used in guarding the forts and palaces of the kings and queens during ancient times and another purpose was hunting of predators. They were also used in wars to fight against the Britishers. It was considered a boon to have Kombai dogs as a pet during ancient times  

Kombais were not only familiarized as hunters but also as strong loyal pets of the family.

A kombai is strong enough to hunt bears, lions, tigers, and bison.

In a recent study, it was found that, or nation is inclining towards the adoption of such guard dogs like Kombai. Security Agencies of our country like,

  • National Security Guard (NSG)
  • Central Indian Security Force (CISF)
  • Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) has started keeping these kombai dogs as hunting breed dogs.  

They belong to the category of Hound Breed dogs.


  1. Weight

Male dogs: 25 to 30 kgs

Female dogs: 20 to 24 kgs

  1. Height: 40 to 50 cms

Extremely loyal and intelligent towards the owner and their family. They have a strong, muscular, lean, and tough body and are very powerful. The colour of their body is tan red or brown in shade with the black coloured muzzle of the mouth and tail slightly curved in an upwards direction like farmer’s sickle, they usually have a well-built physique, dominant jawbones, and sturdy feet. Shoulders are also well developed and strong enough to kill a predator or any stranger intruding on their privacy. Their ears are bent at the end like a V drop shape at the end. 

Mostly they prefer staying in groups but as they are declining in numbers during the present times, they have prominent leadership among their area and region where they belong or where they stay. 

Nurturing and grooming:

They have a clear and less hair coat over the body and we can use a grooming brush on their back, on average they shed very fewer amounts of hairs. 

Bathing on daily basis is not required, but regular washing of ears is required as they are more inclined towards infection. 

Mood | Emotions | Temperament:

Talking about their temperament, they are very aggressive, dominant and powerful, trustworthy, defensive but when it comes to the protection of their owners, they can easily hunt strangers.

Puppy Kombai can easily mix up with other dogs and family members of the owner but the adult Kombai dog, takes time to mix or socialize with other animals and they can even harm small children or other members of the family if they are not familiar enough. If you are thinking of adopting a Kombai dog, it would be better to adopt or purchase them at a tender age when they are still young and make sure to familiarize them according to your standard of living. 

Life span:

On average, they live up to 10 to 12 years of age. 

Kombai Dog Price in Tamil Nadu India:

In India, the price of the Kombai Dog ranges from Rs 10K to 20K. The yearly maintenance cost behind a Kombai dog is roughly Rs 65k to 70k.

Mostly Kombais are not easily found in the Northern regions of India but can be easily found in the southern regions of India. 

Health issues:

Very few health issues are seen in Kombai dogs as they are more physically active and minor issues like skin-related disease or ear-related issues can be seen in them.

Diet and food:

Boiled eggs, boiled chicken, and rice can be offered as a meal. Try offering them boiled vegetables like carrots, beans, etc. Give them a meal as per the decided schedule, meal in between for hours is not advisable.

Water is to be given frequently to maintain their exhaustion level and try to sanitize and clean their food bowl so that small germs don’t affect their appetite.

What no to offer?

  • Salty and spicy foods
  • Avoid giving them curry foods that contain onions and garlic
  • leftover human foods should be avoided 
  • Fried dishes etc.

Physical Workout:

Compared to other dog breeds, kombai dogs needs an excessive physical workout. A Kombai dog should be taken for the workout or exercise twice a day, once in the morning and another in the evening for a minimum of 2 hours. If the owner fails to do so, their energy level will decrease and they might show aggressiveness and lose their temperament and patience, so it is better to take them for a walk in nearby parks or farms to maintain their energy level. 

Adaptability to climate change in India:

They can easily adapt the climate change in India as they are especially a specific Indian breed. During winters cover them with clothes that make them feel warmer inside and during summers and monsoon, keep them covered under their required shelter. 

Kombais for first-time owners:

Kombais need huge space and area to roam about, but if your apartment or house is less than the specific space required then it could be a problem for them, if you are a first-time dog owner, with less space in your house, then you can think of adopting a different breed as kombais need huge space.

For your considerable attention, I would say that Kombai dogs are in a position of severely endangered species. Our national Indian culture is weakening as Indian citizens are adopting more of the Foreign dog breeds.

So on completion of this topic, I would like to say that,

Kombais are excellent smart and make excellent guard dogs. They are very friendly with their owner and the family but may become violent with outsiders.

Make sure to train this dog skillfully; it can be hard to handle and command him, especially for beginner dog landlords. 

We expect to have assisted you in getting all the evidence that will help you in making the right choice.

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